Setting email preferences for an issue tracker

Bitbucket Cloud can send an email to specified email addresses whenever a user creates new issue or updates an existing one. Issue tracker notifications go to email only; they do not go to an account's Inbox. If an user disabled email notifications, the user does not receive issue tracker notifications regardless of how you set a repo's issue tracker notifications. 

When users create new issues

Issue tracker notifications are set per repository. Only a user with admin permissions can set the notifications for an issue tracker. To set permissions for the issue tracker, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the relevant repository.
  2. Click the administration icon.
  3. Select Mailing list from the sidebar on the left.
  4. Add one or more email addresses to the list.

Getting notified of issue updates

Bitbucket Cloud notifies the mailing list only when users add new issues. Users associated directly with an issue receive notifications when an issue is updated. For example, the reporter, the user assigned to the issue, or any user watching the issue. You can also watch a specific issue or configure the repository's global settings.

When you watch an issue, you receive notifications when others update the issue. If you update an issue you watch, you don't receive a notification. To watch a specific issue, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the issue.
  2. Click the issue's watch link:


Manage Inbox and email notifications

Set email preferences
Use the issue tracker

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11 Archived comments

  1. User avatar


    It would be nice if issue tracker changes would also also be posted using the POST service, like commits are.

    10 Feb 2011
  2. User avatar


    It would be really useful if e-mails could be sent also on updates to existing issues and not just for new issues.

    14 Jun 2011
  3. User avatar


    I'm new to bitbucket and I'm trying to figure out if the function I need is non-existent or just hard to find.

    My collaborator is automatically getting emails for every new issue.  She can't turn them off.  I can't turn them off for her.  I can't turn them off as default.  We can find no way to turn them off at all.

    I don't want to spam my collaborators every time an issue is added. I'm assigning them to 'nobody,' so no one but me should be presumed interested yet.  Being able to add an email address (the only related control I can find) does nothing for this.  Is there a hidden setting so we don't have to add the issue tracker to our email kill files, which would defeat the purpose of having a tracker?

    01 Apr 2012
    1. User avatar



      I'm sure this is very annoying. This is a feature of our product. We get a lot of requests to change it so you should add your voice.  Please go ahead and log an enhancement request on our issue tracker:



      02 Apr 2012
  4. User avatar


    Email notifications are odd in the issue tracker.  I created a new issue and assigned it to another person with access to the repository.  I receive e-mail notifications of all my comments (why would I want that?), but do not receive notifications when the issue's assignee makes comments.  The tracker shows that I am the creatore of, and watching, the issue.

    It's silly that I get notified of my own comments, but not those of the person whom is essentially making replies to those comments. 

    25 Sep 2012
    1. User avatar


      You make a good point.  If you want to log an enhancement request or a complaint, you should do it on this page:

      That way other people can vote as well.

      25 Sep 2012
  5. User avatar


    what country do bitbucket notification emails come from?  We are having issues where emails are blocked coming in.





    07 Dec 2012
    1. User avatar


      Our notifications originate in the U.S. – if you continue to have issues please file a ticket with 

      10 Dec 2012
  6. User avatar




    is it possible to create a new ticket by email ?



    13 Aug 2013
    1. User avatar


      No, it isn't possible to do this.  You can close or reopen an existing ticket.

      13 Aug 2013
  7. User avatar

    Atif Aziz

    For mailing lists where exceptions need to be made in terms of who is allowed to post, it would be helpful to indicate that issue notification e-mail is sent from the address

    16 Mar 2015
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