Teams Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions apply to the teams feature alone.

Can I use my team to log into Bitbucket Cloud? 

No, recently we initiated a change ( Important Changes Are Coming to Teams ) which will deactivate the ability to use a team as an account to log into Bitbucket. If you have logged in using the team account follow the onscreen instructions to add an administrator or log out and then log in using a personal account which is a member of the team. For more detailed instructions, see  Team Account Changes.

Can several users on the same project share an account?

Team administrators can add and drop access to the team and its repositories. You can invite anyone to join a team — whether they have an individual Bitbucket account already or not. To join the team, members must have individual Bitbucket accounts. If you have a project team, development group, or a company, use a team to get the most out of Bitbucket.

Can I get a free plan for my team?

Yes, you can create a team with your free account. The same plan parameters that apply to individual accounts apply to team. Plans restrict the number of users you can have with access to private repositories. With the free plan you can have a team with five members (you + 4 others) who can access an unlimited number of private repositories. Teams with access to only public repositories are unrestricted.

How do I add to my Team's plan?

To get to the Plans and Billing interface for your team, do the following:

  1. Click Teams in the Menu Bar
  2. Select your Team
  3. Click Manage Team
  4. Select Plans and Billing from the sidebar

Can I have a team with a free academic plan?

Yes, however you will need to create an individual Bitbucket account first, then fill out the Bitbucket University Application specifically for the team.

Can I convert my individual account to a team account?

No, teams no longer exist as accounts, they must be managed by users with individual Bitbucket accounts. However, you can create a team with you as the administrator.

Should my team use forks or branches?

It really depends on how you like to work. The Bitbucket service allows you to make pull requests across forks or branches. You can review commits or use pull requests as your review mechanism.

How do I add a repository to a team?

Any individual account holder can create a repository in his or her individual account and name a team as the repository owner. You only see the Owner option if your individual account is a member of a team. You can only select an Owner from teams where you hold membership and have permission to create repositories. For more information see, Create a repository.

How many teams can my individual account belong to?

As many as you like. There is no limit on how many teams you can create or belong to.

How many repositories can a team have?

Teams can have an unlimited number of public repositories. Like individual accounts, teams have a limited number of users of private repositories. The plan associated with the team specifies how many users can access private repositories. For more information, see Plans and billing.

Can I control which team members can access which team repositories?

Just as with an individual account, you can create groups that control access to the team repositories. For details on using groups in your team, see Manage groups.

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