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Published on: 24 Sep 2018

The Bitbucket team has been hard at work improving how teams review their code changes. This new experience debuts a reimagined layout designed to improve navigability for code reviewers: Our aim is to help you find what you need, review only what's required, and get you back writing code quickly. 

Enable the new pull request interface

  1. Click your avatar in the Bitbucket sidebar.
  2. Select Bitbucket Labs
  3. Enable the New pull request experience feature.

All pull requests will now load in the new interface.

Disable the new pull request interface

Disabling the new interface switches to the old pull request interface. If you find yourself switching back often because of a missing feature, let us know using the Feedback button.

To disable the new interface temporarily, click the link in Feedback card in the right sidebar.

To disable the new interface entirely:

  1. Click your avatar in the left sidebar.
  2. Select Bitbucket Labs.
  3. Enable the Old pull request experience feature.

In support of this vision, the new experience already includes these new features (with lots more planned):

  • A single-page layout, without tabs, for quicker navigation between information
  • Expandable sidebar containing file tree, build statuses, and other info
  • Omnipresent file tree for quick navigation between files without scrolling to the top
  • "Sticky" header for quick actions without scrolling back to the top
  • "Sticky" file headers so you always know which file you're reviewing
  • File highlights in the file tree as you scroll down the page so you always know which file you're reviewing
  • Quick reference panels for merged/closed pull requests
  • Collapsible diffs to mark your place as you review a diff
  • Collapsible sections for top-level comments and commits
  • Inline side-by-side diffs so you can scroll the diff while viewing a side-by-side file comparison
  • Improved code block rendering in comments and descriptions
  • Warnings when you navigate away from the page with an open comment editor
  • Faster page loads between the "Your work" dashboard (at and individual pull requests

What's missing?

In addition to those new features, the new interface includes most key functionality from the existing pull request experience. However, some features have not yet been migrated, but will be added soon, including:

  • Tasks
  • Merge checklist (however, merge checks are still enforced if required)
  • Rename support
  • Binary (image) diffs
  • LFS diffs
  • Support for integrations
  • Comment likes

Also, the new pull request experience is not yet supported in Internet Explorer 11.

How to leave feedback

The new experience includes a Feedback card at the bottom of the right sidebar. Let us know what you think. Customer feedback strongly informs our roadmap, so if you're missing a key feature – let us know!

The Feedback card also includes a link to temporarily see a pull request you're viewing in the old experience.

Last modified on Jun 14, 2019

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