What version of Mercurial and/or Git do you support?

To find out what version we are of Git or Mercurial we are running at any time, scroll to the footer of any page and click on Version info. Bitbucket Cloud generally keeps up to date with recent versions of Git and Mercurial.

Neither Git nor Mercurial have introduced changes that would cause backwards compatibility issues. However, we still recommend staying up to date with Git and Mercurial in your local environment.

If you encounter any issues with Git or Mercurial interacting with the website, first, ensure your environment is up to date. If that doesn't resolve the issue, then open a support request to support.atlassian.com. Be sure to include the specific version and any detailed error messages you may have received.

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    Hosam Aly

    I can see that you now support Hg 1.9.1. Given that 2.2.1 has been released, I was wondering whether you have a published schedule for updating to new releases. Do you have a pseudo-schedule or "stability lag"?

    08 May 2012
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    Do you think you will add large file support any time soon? Also why no support for it?


    05 Sep 2012
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      Can someone from Bitbucket please answer this?  This is a pretty crucial question for us.



      11 Oct 2012
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      Agree this is very important

      17 Nov 2012
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    This is outdated, though the mention of page footer is very helpful. Looks like mercurial 2.2.2 is supported at the moment.

    Update page to mention the footer, and nothing else except the exceptions?

    06 Oct 2012
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    It would appear with the redesign that this is now completely outdated. I don't see versions in the footer anymore. Have they moved somewhere else?

    15 Oct 2012
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    (It's as if nobody from BitBucket cares about providing feedback on this lack of largefile support and/or if it will ever be supported .. a shame, really.)

    15 Apr 2013
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      Thanks for the kick in the pants.  (wink) We don't support the large file extension still as stated on this page. There is a ticket that you can watch and comment on.


      15 Apr 2013
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    as of this comment date 

    12 Mar 2014
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