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  • You can raise, discuss, or vote on suggestions on Cloud users can also give in-product feedback by navigating to Profile > Settings > Give Feedback.
  • Because we collect new feature suggestions from a variety of channels, we can't guarantee that suggestions with the most votes will be implemented.
  • While we generally do not publish roadmaps or share expected release dates, you can see what we’ve been up to by viewing our product release notes.

  • For bug fixes, see the Atlassian Server Bug Fix Policy and Cloud Bug Fix Policy.

How to track new features

Cloud products

We're continuously improving and updating our cloud products. To see the latest changes that have been or are being delivered to your products, check out the Atlassian Cloud release notes blog.

Server products

If a new feature or improvement from is scheduled as part of an upcoming server release, the 'fix-for' version will be indicated on the relevant issue. If you manage server installations that can only be upgraded once a year, we recommend following Atlassian Enterprise releases to see what features and fixes are part of each upgrade. 

How to suggest new features

We value the different needs and use cases of all our users and do our best to plan new features and improvements that will have the most impact on the most people. Our teams gather insights from people in a variety of ways to make sure all customers and end users are represented in our planning process: 

  • Community forums: We encourage people to vote on new feature suggestions or improvements that have been raised on If you don't an issue that relates to your suggestion, you can create a new one. You can also join the conversation on the Atlassian Community by responding to questions from other users or providing tips of your own. 
  • Conferences and events: We get the chance to meet customers and hear their successes and challenges at Atlassian Summit, Atlas Camp, user groups, and other events around the world.
  • Customer interviews: Our product managers regularly run interviews to understand customer goals and plans. We reach out directly and work with our Research team to set up these interviews. 
  • Customer support: Our support team provides clear insights into the issues that are challenging for customers, and which are generating the most calls to support.
  • In-product feedback: Cloud users can navigate to Profile > Settings > Give Feedback to submit suggestions. Server users can join our Early Access Program to give feedback before a major release. 
  • PartnersAtlassian Partners provide insights into real-world cloud sites and server deployments, especially for customers at scale. If you require significant customizations or product extensions, we recommend finding a partner that's right for you. 
  • Product APIs: If you would like to see a particular feature implemented, it may be possible to get that feature as a Marketplace app or to develop that feature yourself
  • Product usage: We use product analytics to understand how people use and interact with new and existing features. See the Atlassian Privacy Policy for more information about data we collect. 
  • Research group: You can join the Atlassian Research Group to help us learn. Research studies include interviews, usability tests, surveys and more. 

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See Atlassian Support Offerings for more support-related information.

Last modified on Mar 4, 2019

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