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This page lists the supported platforms for  Bitbucket Server 6.9.x.

See End of support announcements for Bitbucket Server for upcoming changes to platforms supported by Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Data Center.

Please read the supplied information carefully and check if it applies to your instance. 


(tick) Supported - you can use Bitbucket Server 6.9.x with this platform.

(info) Limited - you can evaluate Bitbucket Server on this platform, but you can't use it to run a production site. 

(warning) Deprecated - support for this platform will end in an upcoming release.

On this page:



Evaluation: 1 core 
Production: 2+ cores



Good to know

  • You'll need at least 3GB available memory. We recommend 1GB for Bitbucket Server and an additional 2GB to support Git operations. 
  • Your specific hardware requirements will depend on the number and frequency of Git operations and the number of active users. See Scaling Bitbucket Server for more information. 


(tick) Linux

(tick) Microsoft Windows (up to 500 users)

(info) Apple macOS

Known issues

  • Microsoft Windows is not supported for Bitbucket Data Center / 500+ Enterprise tiers.
  • You should not use Windows Resilient File System (ReFS) as NTFS is required.
  • Apple macOS is evaluation only. MacOS cannot be used for production deployment.

Good to know

Cloud Platforms

(tick) Amazon Web Services (AWS

(tick) Microsoft Azure

Known issues

Good to know


Oracle Java & OpenJDK

(tick) Java 11

(error) Java 10

(error) Java 9

(tick) Java 8 (supported from 1.8u65+)

Good to know



(tick) 9.4 - 11

MySQL  (Bitbucket Server only)

(tick) 8.0.11+

(tick) 5.7.9+

(tick) 5.6.16+

(tick) 5.5.8+

(tick) MariaDB 10.3.7+

(tick) MariaDB 10.2.6+

(tick) MariaDB 10.1.8+

(tick) MariaDB 10.0.10+ 

(tick) MariaDB 5.5.23+

Known Issues

MySQL, while supported by Bitbucket Server, is currently not  recommended, especially for larger instances, due to inherent performance and deadlock issues that occur in this database engine under heavy load.

See Connecting Bitbucket Server to MySQL for more details and for some general information on deadlock issues.

You should not use Bitbucket Server with the following:

Do not use MySQL in Bitbucket Data Center.

Microsoft SQL Server / Microsoft SQL Server Express

(tick) 2017

(tick) 2012 - 2016

Known Issues

Good to know


(tick) 19c

(tick) 18c

(tick) 12c

(tick) 11g

Amazon Aurora (Data Center only)

(tick) PostgreSQL 9.6

Good to know

  • The only supported Amazon Aurora config is a PostgreSQL-compatible clustered database with one writer replicating to zero or more readers. Learn more

H2 (bundled)

(info)   Bitbucket Server, evaluation only

(tick)  Bitbucket Mirror

Good to know

  • H2 is bundled with Bitbucket Server for evaluation use only.
  • H2 (bundled) is the only database that is supported with Bitbucket Data Center mirrors in production.

HSQLDB (bundled)

Bitbucket Server only, evaluation only
(warning) Deprecated

Good to know

  • Please see connecting Bitbucket Server to an external database.
  • HSQLDB is not supported in Bitbucket Data Center.
  • HSQLDB support was deprecated as of Bitbucket Server 4.0+. New Bitbucket Server installs will bundle and use H2 as the default database for evaluation purposes.


See Integrating Bitbucket Server with Atlassian applications for supported version combinations.

Web browsers


(tick) Latest stable version supported


(tick) Latest stable version supported

MS Edge

(tick) Latest stable version supported

Internet Explorer


(tick) Latest stable version supported


Git – server

(tick) 2.24+

(tick) 2.23+

(tick) 2.22+

(tick) 2.21+

(tick) 2.20+

(tick) 2.19+

(tick) 2.18+

(tick) 2.17+

(tick) 2.16+

(tick) 2.15+

(tick) 2.14+

(tick) 2.13+

(tick) 2.12+ (except 2.12.2 on Windows)*

(tick) 2.11+

Git – server

We recommend using the most recent supported version of Git on both the Bitbucket Server instance and clients where possible, subject to the following notes and exceptions:

  • The version of Git installed on machines that interact with Bitbucket Server must be compatible with the version of Git installed for use by the Bitbucket Server instance.

  • When using smart mirroring, you must have a minimum version of Git 2.11.1 installed.

  • Do not use CygwinGit on Windows servers, regardless of version.

  • Git for Windows 2.12.2 has a regression in git status which causes editing files to fail. The regression has been fixed, and the fix was included in Git for Windows 2.12.3.

  • BSERV-9673 - File editing fails using Git for Windows 2.12.2

Git – client

(tick) 1.6.6+

Or where Git LFS is used 1.8.2+

Git LFS - client

(tick) 1.1.0+

Git – client  

  • A bug was fixed in Git version that prevented http push proxying from working. 

[Security vulnerability CVE-2016-2324 & CVE-2016-2315] affects multiple Git versions. Both server and client Git installations should be updated to a patched maintenance version: 2.4.11, 2.5.5, 2.6.6 or 2.7.4 or newer. For instructions see Installing and upgrading Git.

 Internet protocols

(tick) IPv4

(tick) IPv6

Good to know:

  • When using Bitbucket Server in IPv6 environments, we recommend that hostnames rather than IP addresses are used.

Additional tools


(tick) 5.8.8+


(tick) 6.8.6

(tick) 6.6.1

(tick) 6.5.3

(tick) 5.5.1 - 5.5.3

Good to know

  • Perl is usually provided automatically with Git
  • Elasticsearch 5.5.1- 5.5.3, 6.5.3, 6.6.1, and 6.8.6 are supported with Buckler
  • Elasticsearch 6.4 is supported with AWS

Mail clients

Apple mail

(tick) Apple Mail 4


(tick) Latest

iOS devices

(tick) iPhone, iPad

Microsoft Outlook

(tick) Express, 2007, 2010 

(tick) Latest 


(tick) Latest

Windows Live Mail

(tick) Latest

Last modified on Sep 24, 2021

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