How to obtain the SSH fingerprint from Bitbucket Server without connecting to it first

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Platform notice: Server and Data Center only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.



For security reasons it may be desirable to obtain the SSH fingerprint that Bitbucket Server or Data Center's SSH server will send without connecting via SSH first. This document explains how to retrieve the fingerprint using an alternative method.


Bitbucket Server or Data Center


To retrieve the SSH fingerprint, perform the following steps on the machine where Bitbucket Server is installed. In case of a Bitbucket Data Center instance you can perform these steps on any one of the nodes.

  1. Copy the SSH key pair to a temporary location
    cp <BitbucketHome>/shared/config/ssh-server-keys.pem /tmp

    where <BitbucketHome>  is the Bitbucket Server home directory.

  2. Change the permissions on the temporary file so only the owner can access it
    chown 600 /tmp/ssh-server-keys.pem
  3. Run the ssh-keygen  utility to extract the SSH fingerprint from the key pair file
    ssh-keygen -lf /tmp/ssh-server-keys.pem 
    This will produce output similar to this:
    2048 SHA256:U+NO3sOxbAvVCtF1NCN/ZL2+rWJ9bddDQSoGom1TsI8 no comment (RSA)

    In this example output the fingerprint is U+NO3sOxbAvVCtF1NCN/ZL2+rWJ9bddDQSoGom1TsI8 

Last modified on Aug 8, 2022

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