Repository is not updated by pushing content immediately after its creation

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Repositories are not updated when changes are pushed into it immediately after their creation and the initial screen is always displayed. The content is only accessible after restarting Bitbucket Server.

FIgure 1: initial screen example immediately after a repository creation.

Causes and Resolutions

Bitbucket Server relies on hook scripts that are installed into each repository (and managed by the system) to provide change information that, in turn, allows it to update the repositories, pull requests and check branch permissions. If the hooks are not installed correctly, or are damaged, these required callbacks do not happen and the functionality associated with them fails.


Follow the steps in Git hook scripts are not executing to identify and fix problems with the git hooks.

If the Git hook scripts are executing correctly, review the  BSERV-10791 - Getting issue details... STATUS  bug and try to apply the suggested workaround.

Last modified on Jun 27, 2018

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