18 August 2014 to 22 August 2014

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 JIRA Service Desk 2.0-OD-04

JIRA Service Desk will be upgraded from 2.0-OD-02 to 2.0-OD-04.

A new channel for your customers to open requests: email

Your customers can now open requests and communicate with your service team by working from their familiar email box.

Enabling the email channel for a service desk will require setup by JIRA administrators.

With the email channel in place, it is now also possible to create requests in multiple service desks in one go. Just send an email to the email addresses associated with the service desks and a request will be created in each of them.

As always, we are keen to hear your feedback on our work. Click Give Service Desk Feedback at the top right corner of your service desk. Let us know how you go with the email channel and what improvements you'd like to see.

For more information on the email channel, see Setting up the email channel.

Fix list

The following fixes will be released.

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Confluence 5.5-OD-29 and Confluence 5.5-OD-30

New chart type for the JIRA Chart macro

If you have JIRA and Confluence we have another new chart type for you. The two dimensional chart is a matrix style chart for showing issue statistics. You can configure the X and Y axis to show issue status, priority, type, assignee and more.  


To try this chart go to  Insert > Other MacrosJIRA Chart

Recently viewed on mobile

Its now easy to see your recently viewed Confluence pages on mobile.  Tap  and choose Recently Viewed

Awesome new image preview

Viewing images attached to a page is quick and easy with the new preview. Click an image while viewing a page to see the preview.

In the preview you can:

  • Download the image file.
  • Zoom in, out or fit the image to the width of your browser.
  • Browse through each image using the next and back buttons.
  • See all images attached to the page and select a thumbnail to preview that image.

The preview includes images from the web that are used in your page and all images attached to the page (even if they are not displayed on the page).

In this update we've also made it easier to drag images straight into the editor. 

Last modified on Sep 8, 2015

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