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Confluence Questions 1.1

Watch your community grow

New usage statistics allow administrators to see how your community is growing. How many questions are being asked per day? Are questions getting answers? Go to Questions > Statistics to see the graph. 

You can also see user reputation grow over time - click your name (or someone else's) then click Reputation to see the graph. 

Grant permissions based on reputation

Give your experts the power to curate your community. You can choose to grant permissions to perform actions such as editing question topics or deleting comments, based on a the number of points a user has earned.

To turn on reputation based permissions go to  > General Configuration > Confluence Questions Customization.

Comment and answer improvements

You can now @mention people in comments. Links are clickable too!

Plus, ever accidentally answer a question when you meant to add a comment?  You can now convert your comments to answers, and answers to comments. 



Last modified on May 27, 2016

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