2 November 2014 to 7 November 2014

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Completed for some regions

(warning) The Asia Pacific region wasn't upgraded in this release; it'll be upgraded in a future maintenance window.

JIRA Agile 6.6.11

Note, this is the first JIRA Agile 6.6.x release.

Reordering sprints

We've implemented one of the most popular feature requests in this release: the ability to reorder sprints (GHS-6131). If you want to have a logical order to your planned sprints, you can move entire sprints up or down your board with a few clicks. If you have permission to modify a sprint, you can reorder a sprint, as long as the sprint is not in progress. 

As part of this change, we've added a new actions menu  to each sprint to reduce the clutter on your board. You'll find the options to move and delete a sprint in this menu.

Go to the Plan mode of one of your boards to try out this new feature.

Days in column' indicator option for all boards

If you have used Kanban boards in JIRA Agile before, you will be familiar with the 'Days in column' indicator. The indicator shows how long an issue has been in a particular status, via series of dots on the card (each dot represents a day). This can help you see whether tickets are stagnating on your board. 

In this release, we've implemented the 'Days in column' indicator for Scrum boards as well. You can see the indicator when viewing your board in Work mode.

We've also made another important change: the 'Days in column' indicator can now be toggled on or off, via the Columns configuration for your board. If you want to improve performance or you just want some extra space on your board, you can disable the indicator. In particular, if you have a large instance (i.e. 300,000+ issues, 100+ projects, 100+ boards, or 100+ open sprints), we recommend that you disable the indicator. 

Go to the Work mode of one of your boards to check it out (if it is a Scrum board, you will need to enable the indicator first).

JIRA 6.4-OD-09

Re-designed Statuses page

The Status administration page has been streamlined and is now much easier to read and use. As an added bonus, we've implemented a highly-voted feature request: the ability to define the order of statuses (JRA-5189).

Go to Issues > Statuses in your administration console to try it out.

Project-specific schemes for new projects

Creating a new project now creates a project-specific issue type scheme, workflow scheme, screen scheme and issue type screen scheme for that project. This change applies to all project types, except for the 'JIRA Classic' project type, which still uses the shared default JIRA schemes when used to create a new project. For more details, see Creating a cross-application project.

Confluence 5.6-OD-34-015

This is a bugfix release and includes a fix for  CONF-35269 - Getting issue details... STATUS .



Team Calendars 5.1.7

In Team Calendars 5.1 we've introduced a guided tour for the first calendar you create, and various minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Last modified on Dec 15, 2014

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