21 June 2015 to 27 June 2015

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JIRA Agile 6.7.6

Search by Epic Link or Epic Name in JIRA (basic search)

In JIRA Agile 6.7.2, we introduced the ability to search by the Sprint field in JIRA's basic search. In this release, we've added the Epic Link and Epic Name fields as parameters for the basic search. Just navigate to the basic search, click More and add the Epic Link and/or Epic Name field.

  • Epic Link — Use this parameter to find all of the issues in an epic. This is a dropdown select box, so just pick the epics from the list.
  • Epic Name — Use this parameter to find the epic itself. This is a text based search, so you can use wildcards, boolean operators, etc, as described in Performing text searches (JIRA documentation). Note, the Epic Name field is used to specify a short name for the epic, which is displayed on the epic's label.

List of JIRA Agile 6.7.6 issues

JIRA 6.5-OD-07

Pasting from your clipboard at issue create

You've always been able to attach images and files when creating an issue, but you couldn't paste from your clipboard. If you took a screenshot of an issue or bug, you had to create the issue, and then navigate to it to paste the screenshot. This has been a long standing request from our users, and we're pleased to announce that from JIRA 6.5-OD-07 you can now paste directly into the issue while you're creating it. If you create bugs regularly with supporting screenshots, this will save you a LOT of time! You can either paste the image directly into the issue by using your keyboard shortcut (usually CTRL + V for Windows, and CMD + V for Macs) or you can right-click in the Description field and select "Paste". Using "Paste" from right-click will also add the content to the description field.

We've also worked on other bugs and issues and you can view the full list of JIRA 6.5-OD-07 issues.

JIRA Portfolio 1.10.1-OD-002

We've redesigned the way you work with filters to give you more functionality without sacrificing screen real estate. 

Date Range Filtering

See what you want, when you want!  Do you have a large backlog that stretches far out into the future?  Want to see only a portion of it? Now you can!  Use the Date Range filter to quickly see the current month, selected quarters, or just enter a custom time frame.   

More Filters

We've renamed the Completed Issues filter to Status and moved it into the More drop-down along with Estimates, Stages, and the new Date range filters.  Now you can choose which of these filters are displayed on the screen to keep your screen uncluttered. 

JIRA Service Desk 2.6-OD-02

This is a bug fix release and contains no features.

List of JIRA Service Desk 2.6-OD-02 issues


Confluence sticky table headers

After a few false starts, sticky table headers for long tables is now here and ready to use. There are several exceptions - table headers are not sticky when:

  • the space is using the documentation theme
  • your table is inside a page layout (columns and sections)
  • your table has no header row or there are cells in the top row that aren't marked as headers
  • your table has a header column, instead of a header row, and scrolls horizontally
  • your table is inside another table, or has another table inside, with its own header row
  • your table only has one column.

Changes to update info for third-party add-ons

Starting with the first deployment in July 2015, we will no longer be providing updates about third-party add-on releases.

If you use Tempo, you can read about new releases and features at https://tempoplugin.jira.com/wiki/display/TT/Tempo+Timesheets+Cloud+Releases.

End of life announcement

Just a reminder, as we previously announced here, Confluence and JIRA Cloud (as well as Confluence and JIRA add-ons produced by Atlassian, including JIRA Agile) no longer support Internet Explorer 9 after June 15th.

Last modified on Jun 28, 2015

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