22 February 2015 to 27 February 2015

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JIRA 6.4-OD-15

JIRA Onboarding

Whether you're using JIRA on its own, or JIRA and JIRA Agile, we'll deliver a personalized onboarding experience that lets you add an avatar and learn about projects and issues. This more intuitive onboarding process will get your team members working faster, sooner.

Project Centric navigation

We've been working hard on improving JIRA's user interface, and we're giving you a preview of what we've been working on. We wanted to make accessing your project's information as efficient as possible, so we've introduced a navigation sidebar to sit alongside your workspace. This makes it easier to access all project information from one view, and helps you work more efficiently, especially if you also use JIRA Agile. We've added project shortcuts to the sidebar, which now allow you to add links to online resources that are shared with anyone who has access to your project. We're also collecting feedback on this new experience, and would love to hear from you on how we can improve your project navigation experience even further! Learn more...

JIRA Agile 6.6.70

Terminology changes: Plan, Work, Report modes

With the introduction of the new sidebar, we've changed three key terms used on the JIRA Agile boards:

Scrum boards

"Plan mode" → "Backlog"

"Work mode" → "Active sprints"

"Report mode" → "Reports"

Kanban boards

"Work mode" → "Kanban board"

"Report mode" → "Reports"

You'll notice these changes throughout the JIRA Agile user interface. In most cases, it is a simple replacement of the old term with the new term. However, there is one change to be aware of: if the board has a sidebar, the Plan/Work/Report button will be gone, as you can navigate via the new sidebar options instead.


This release of JIRA Agile contains translations for German, Spanish, French, and Japanese.


Confluence 5.7-OD-44

This is a bug-fix release. No new features this week.

Completed (outside the maintenance window)

No downtime was needed for this upgrade so it was completed outside your weekly maintenance window.

Confluence Questions 2.0.6

Sometimes a question only relates to one team or project or shouldn't be visible to everyone, so we added questions to spaces so that you can lock them down using space permissions, and give each team ownership over their Q&A. 

To ask in a space, choose Questions in the sidebar and ask away.   Alternatively, you can go to Create > Ask a question and choose the right space from the drop down. 

When searching for questions, or browsing topics, we'll show you all questions, including any that have been asked in spaces that you have permissions to view. 

You can still broadcast your questions to everyone in your organization - go to Questions on the header to ask a question that anyone can see and answer.

Last modified on May 27, 2016

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