23 June 2014 to 27 June 2014

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JIRA 6.3-OD-07

Sitting in a planning meeting and want to create an issue in the moment? Easy! With inline issue creation, you can now create an issue from within your Scrum board during planning. Simply click on the Create issue link, select the issue type and enter a brief summary, then hit the Enter button. The issue is created and automatically added to your backlog. It couldn't be simpler!

Inline Issue Create

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Recently Updated

As you and your team create content this area will fill up and display the latest updates.

All OnDemand applications

The Users screen (available from > User management) now shows the date on which each user was last active in your OnDemand instance.

Bamboo 5.5-OD-05

This is a bugfix release.

JIRA – new events for workflow triggers LABS

As a JIRA administrator, you can configure triggers in JIRA workflows that respond to events in your linked development tools. This allows you to set up your development tools and JIRA workflows so that, for example, when a developer creates a branch to start work on an issue, the issue will automatically be transitioned from 'Open' to 'In progress'.

Now, we've added additional triggers, so your workflow transitions can respond to a wider range of events in your connected development tools.

The available events in Bitbucket (and GitHub) are now:

  • Pull request created
  • Pull request merged
  • Pull request declined
  • Branch created
  • Commit created


As before, a JIRA administrator can configure a trigger on a workflow transition when editing the workflow – see Advanced workflow configuration:

Repository branches, commits and pull requests are automatically linked to a JIRA issue if the JIRA issue key is included in the commit message, branch name or pull request title – see Streamlining your development with JIRA OnDemand.

Your JIRA instance must be linked to Bitbucket (or GitHub) using the DVCS Connector plugin – see Using the JIRA DVCS connector.

Last modified on Dec 15, 2014

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