24 May 2015 to 30 May 2015

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Confluence 5.9.0-OD-52

Content by label and Page Properties Report macros level up

We've made some big changes to the Content by Label and Page Properties Report macros – you can now build your own query using Confluence query language (CQL). It's easy to use and super flexible; just add fields to build your query. 

Some awesome things we know you've wanted to be able to do with these macros:

  • Only include pages under a particular parent page
  • Only include pages that mention a certain user
  • Only include pages with a specific title or containing specific text
  • And much more!

Here's how the Content by Label macro looks when you're editing it:

Don't use labels very often? Most blueprints – like meeting notes, decisions, and requirements – automatically add labels to your page, so you can get started with these macros right away.

Page metadata, movin' on up

When you're viewing a Confluence page, buttons like restrictions and attachments are up the top near the breadcrumbs. But in the editor they're down the bottom. What gives?

To right this wrong, we've moved the location, labels, and restrictions buttons to the top of the page next to the breadcrumbs.

JIRA Service Desk 2.5.1-OD-02

This is a minor feature and bug fix release. 

List of JIRA Service Desk 2.5.1-OD-02 issues

JIRA 6.5-OD-04

This is a bug fix release and contains no features.

List of JIRA 6.5-OD-04 issues

JIRA Portfolio 1.9.5-002

This is a bug fix release and contains no features.

Tempo Core 2.3.5

This is a bug fix release and contains no features.

Bamboo Cloud announcement

A new artifact storage option is available

On August 24th we are enforcing a storage limit of 25 GB on all Bamboo cloud instances.

To retain your artifacts and ensure that we can meet your storage needs as your Bamboo instance grows, on May 25th we are releasing a feature that will allow you to select an Amazon S3 bucket as an artifact storage option.

If you are above or close to the Atlassian Cloud storage limit, we recommend you switch to Amazon S3 artifact storage when the feature is available. Once configured, existing artifacts will be stored in Atlassian Cloud until they are expired and new artifacts will be stored in Amazon S3. All builds, tests, and deployments will stop if you are using more than the enforced Cloud storage limit of 25GB once the restrictions start.

Between May 25th and August 24th we'll be contacting the customers who are above the 25 GB Atlassian Cloud storage limit to provide any necessary support.

Do not hesitate to contact support if you have any questions or concerns.

HipChat for JIRA 6.25.4 (not deployed this week)

(info) This upgrade was not deployed this week.  We'll complete this upgrade in a future maintenance window.

We’ve made quite a few improvements to the HipChat for JIRA Integration, including the following: 

  1. Get the current status of the connection between HipChat and your JIRA instance to diagnose what's happening.
  2. Now, in addition to when an issue status is updated, you can send a message to a room when an issue assignee changes and/or when the comments field is updated in an issue.
  3. Set HipChat notifications to alert you when a JIRA Integration message is received in a room. 
  4. Configure links to open directly in the HipChat app (OSX only).
  5. Remove authentication granting JIRA to access HipChat on your behalf.

For more information, see Configuring HipChat in JIRA Cloud.

Last modified on Aug 20, 2015

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