28 April 2014 to 2 May 2014

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User Management

User statistics

We've re-introduced last login and current failed login statistics for those of you that have new user management.

Last login reflects the last login time recorded for all your users across your OnDemand service.

Current failed login reflects the number of failed logins since the user last successfully logged in.

Ability to allow public signup for OnDemand accounts

We've added the ability to enable public signup for your OnDemand service for those of you that have new user management. Turning this on allows anyone to create an OnDemand account for themselves. You can also restrict who can sign up by specific email domain(s).

JIRA 6.3-OD-03

New Audit Log features

We first introduced the audit log in JIRA OnDemand late last year. In this upgrade, we've added some new features to the audit log:

  • When a role is removed (deleted) from JIRA, previously the audit log would log an event for every project that it was removed from. Now, the audit log will only log the event that the role has been removed from JIRA.
  • We have given administrators the option to hide logged events from external user directories, such as LDAP and Crowd. These events are still recorded, and are still available for export and through the REST API.

Transition Permission

JIRA OnDemand now has a new Transition Issues project permission that gives administrators more control over what users can do in JIRA. Users without this permission will not be able to transition issues (change the issue's status) in a project.

The ability to transition issues was previously controlled by the 'Browse Projects' project permission. However, after listening to feedback, we have changed the 'Browse Projects' permission so that it now allows users to browse issues, but not transition them. This will affect your JIRA OnDemand site, as follows:

  • For existing JIRA OnDemand sites:  For existing projects, any users that previously had the 'Browse Projects' permission (via groups, roles, individual user permissions, etc, in a permission scheme) will automatically have the 'Transition Issues' permission assigned to them in this upgrade.
    After this upgrade, if you create new projects, the 'Transition Issues' permission will be assigned to the 'Users' role. Edit the 'Default permission scheme' (see Managing Project Permissions), if you want to change this behavior.
  • For new JIRA OnDemand sites: After this upgrade, if you sign up for a new JIRA OnDemand site and create new projects, the 'Transition Issues' permission will only be assigned to the 'Developers' role (not the 'Users' role, as it was up until now) by default. Edit the 'Default permission scheme' (see Managing Project Permissions ), if you want to change this behavior.

JIRA Service Desk

JIRA Service Desk will be upgraded to This version (together with JIRA 6.3-OD-03) fixes the following issue:

JSD-439 - Getting issue details... STATUS


JIRA Capture

JIRA Capture will be upgraded to This is a bugfix release.

Last modified on Sep 9, 2015

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