30 November 2014 to 5 December 2014

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JIRA Service Desk 2.2-OD-04

Raise requests on behalf of customers - available for version 1 license now

We introduced the functionality for agents to raise requests on behalf of customers on the portal in the week of 26 October 2014 to 31 October 2014. It wasn't available for OnDemand sites on the version 1 license when released. We've made improvements and all OnDemand sites now have this functionality.

Every service desk team member on the project should be able to see this field on the portal, that is everyone in the Service Desk Team and the Administrators project roles, unless they do not have the Modify Reporter project permission. If you use the standard JIRA Service Desk permission scheme, this permission is granted to the two roles by default.

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JIRA 6.4-OD-11

JIRA moves to ADG 2.0

This release of JIRA provides a number of fixes and performance improvements. JIRA Cloud had also implemented ADG 2.0 (Atlassian Design Guideline). This means that users will see changes in components of the user interface, such as how confirmation messages are displayed and a subtle change in color scheme. There is no functional change imposed by ADG 2.0.

Pre-ADG 2.0Post ADG 2.0

JIRA workflow triggers improvements

"Deduping" of branch creation events

Previously, JIRA workflow triggers would transition issues incorrectly, if duplicate branch creation events were sent (duplicate branch creation events are often caused by having a repository indexed by multiple development tools). To ensure accurate issue transitions, you would need to suppress events in selected repositories in Stash and/or FishEye.

In this release, JIRA will remove duplicate branch creation events ("deduping") when processing workflow triggers. The deduping is done by comparing branch names. This makes it much simpler for you to configure workflow triggers, as you don't need to figure out which repositories need to have their events suppressed.

Note, if you don't want JIRA to remove duplicate branch creation events, you can disable deduping: see this knowledge base article. Also, please note that as a result of this improvement, we will be removing the 'JIRA workflow triggers' configuration options from FishEye and Stash in future versions of these products. Keep on eye on the Stash release notes and FishEye release notes for updates. 

JIRA Version Progress page improvements

Development status shown for issues

The Version Progress page now shows the development status of every issue. This gives you a better understanding of the status of your release, without having to drill into individual issues. The new Development column (displayed on all tabs) will show the following for each issue:

  • Rolled up status of related pull requests, if there are any open pull requests. Otherwise, the most recent of the following:
    • Related pull requests (rolled up status of all related pull requests is shown), or
    • Related commits (number of commits is shown), or
    • Related branches (number of branches is shown)
  • Rolled up status of related builds
  • Rolled up status of related deployments

You can also click on the information in the Development column to view more details, as shown below:

View issues in the issue navigator

You can now view issues from the Version Progress page in the JIRA issue navigator. This is useful if you want to view additional information about the list of issues, or even bulk modify the issues. For example, you may want to view the related epics for the list of issues by adding the Epic Link column to the issue navigator.

  • The 'Warnings' tab has a View in Issue Navigator link per section. Each link will open a list of issues in the issue navigator that matches the criteria for that section, e.g. issues in the version that are complete but have failing builds.
  • Other tabs have a single View in Issue Navigator link that opens a list of issues in the issue navigator that matches the criteria for that tab, e.g. issues in the version that are Done.

Improvements to user management

We've heard your feedback about recent changes to the user management functionality, so some key functiontionality will be reinstated with this release, including:

  • The ability to create usernames for users (so you can match your company guidelines and have control over the way usernames appear in your site)
  • The ability to control whether users receive an email when you create them

Last modified on Dec 15, 2014

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