31 May 2015 to 6 June 2015

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Confluence 5.9.0-OD-54

Recover files from the trash 

When you delete a file that's attached to a page, we'll now send it to the trash. Space administrators can recover files from the trash, just the same way as they do for pages (head to Space Tools > Content Tools > Trash).  

Big improvements for huge tables

If you create tables with lots of rows, things like manually numbering rows can be a real drag. Now you can add a numbering column, which automagically numbers all the rows in your table. It's great for those mammoth tables of requirements or project tasks.

As a bonus, we've also added cut, copy and paste buttons for columns. Yey.

Update: Sticky table headers didn't make this release.  We hope to make it available soon. 

Automatic JIRA issue links get smarter

We've fixed an issue where any text that looked like a JIRA issue key (for example ABC-11 or UTF-8) would automatically become a link, if the space was linked to a JIRA project. See  CONF-27814 - Getting issue details... STATUS  for more information.

Now we'll only show a link if the project key matches a project that is linked to your space.  

If you find that some legitimate JIRA issue keys are no longer showing as links, check that the JIRA Project is linked to your Confluence space (go to Space Tools > Integrations) or use the JIRA Issues macro instead. 

JIRA Service Desk 2.5.1-OD-03

Introducing new service desk project navigation

We're giving JIRA Service Desk Cloud users a sneak peek at the new service desk project navigation: 

You can switch back to the old navigation at any time, but feel free to explore the new sidebar and give the JIRA Service Desk team feedback. 

Advanced branding options for your customer portals

In the JIRA Service Desk Configuration settings, you will now see a link to customize your Customer Portal header and global help center with a live preview. This live preview displays your changes as you make them:

In this new view, you can:

  • Change your help center welcome message
  • Change your help center name
  • Upload a logo and generate a theme, which applies to the header background, text, and highlight colors
  • Manually adjust the header theme colors as needed (even if you have already generated a theme from your logo)

To learn more about customizing your Customer Portal and the global help center, check out Configuring the customer portal.

Minor improvements and bug fixes

List of JIRA Service Desk 2.5.1-OD-03 issues

JIRA Agile 6.7.4

Use Epic Link field for the Two dimensional filter gadget 

The Two dimensional filter statistics gadget shows the cross tabulation of two fields, based on data from a specified filter. In this release, you can now choose the Epic Link field as a variable for the gadget. For example, you might want to see how many issues each user has assigned to them, by epic. To try it out, add the 'Two Dimensional Filter Statistics' gadget to your dashboard and select Epic Link as the X Axis or Y Axis variable.

Bamboo 5.9-OD-03

Manage your plan branches more efficiently

We've improved the plan branch management process and now you can create and delete plan branches automatically. Bamboo checks for changes in the primary source repository and takes actions based on the configuration details that you provided:

Customize the Docker tasks

Now with the Docker run command, you can:

  • use dynamic port mapping
  • specify a container working directory and add additional arguments
  • mount additional host directories as data volumes inside the container

JIRA 6.5-OD-05

This is a bug fix release and contains no features.

List of JIRA 6.5-OD-05 issues

Tempo 7.12.1

This is a minor upgrade. 

Last modified on Jun 10, 2015

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