5 May 2014 to 9 May 2014

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JIRA Agile 6.3.13

Report printing

We have implemented printing for all enhanced reports, which currently include the new Control Chart and the Release Burndown. Just view the report and use your supported browser's print function to print it. The report will fit to either A4 or Letter-sized pages in both portrait and landscape (note, there is a known issue printing in landscape using Chrome).

Release Burndown improvements (Enhanced reports)

  • New data table — The Release Burndown now displays a data table under the chart that breaks down the sprints in the version. For each sprint, you can see the issues that were completed and the story points (or other estimation statistic) for each issue. This table provides handy summary to complement the bar chart on the same page.
  • Option to align the bars at the base of the chart — You can now choose to align the bars of the Release Burndown at the bottom of the chart. This alternative view is helpful for seeing trends in the scope for the version. Click the Align sprints at the base of the chart checkbox to switch between the two views.
  • Sprint bars collapsed when there are too many sprints on the chart — If there are too many sprints in the version, some of the early sprints will be collapsed on the Release Burndown. You will see an ellipsis () with a label stating how many sprints have been collapsed.

Control Chart improvements (Enhanced reports)

  • More details in tooltip: The tooltip dialog that displays when you hover over the chart, now shows the rolling average and the standard deviation at that point in time, in addition to the date/time.

Important bug fixes

  • We've fixed a bug in the Sprint Health Gadget, where scope change was being incorrectly calculated. See GHS-9885 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Gliffy JIRA plugin 3.9.3

Important bug fixes

  • This version of the Gliffy JIRA plugin contains a fix to a critical bug, which was preventing Gliffy from working. See JRA-38105 - Getting issue details... STATUS

JIRA 6.3-OD-04

There are no functional changes in this upgrade.

Last modified on Dec 15, 2014

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