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Confluence 5.7-OD-45

HipChat for Confluence Integration

Upgrade your HipChat for Confluence integration and get these exciting new features:

Share with private rooms

Want to be notified of space changes in any of your HipChat rooms, including private ones? Now you can. To connect your spaces to private HipChat rooms log into HipChat from the integration screen and any private rooms that you're a member of will appear in the list. You can then add them just like public rooms.



Presence Icons

Presence icons have returned! Now you can see if someone's available in HipChat - hover over their name (in a mention or on the byline). Green, yellow and red icons indicate when someone is available, away or wishes to remain undisturbed.

JIRA Capture 2.9.0

ADG applied

We've applied the new Atlassian Design Guidelines to JIRA Capture 2.9.0, bringing it line with JIRA and other Atlassian products. In doing so, we've improved a lot of the look and feel of JIRA Capture, and some of the highlights are a repositioned sidebar, an improved toolbar, and a new test sessions experience.

Download images

We've also added a download button to JIRA Capture, and you can now download your screenshots so that you can use them in other applications, such as HipChat and Confluence. This helps make JIRA Capture your screenshot tool of choice for all teams!


Atlassian will be upgrading your JIRA Capture plugin for you, but you may have to upgrade your browser extension manually to make all the new features available. We suggest that if you're using JIRA Capture, you should check you have the latest extension available.

Bamboo 5.8-OD-01

Improved integration with AWS

We've made the public Atlassian elastic images for Bamboo available in all Amazon Web Services regions.

Ubuntu Bamboo elastic images are available in all regions, while in the US East region we also provide Amazon Linux and Windows images.

Elastic Bamboo has improved scaling by switching automatically between Availability Zones to start agents if there are no resources available in a particular zone.

Use Docker in builds and deployments

We've added Docker support to Bamboo builds and deployments, so now you can create images and run containers directly from Bamboo. Just configure the Docker task in Bamboo to perform these actions:

  • Build a Docker image
  • Run a Docker container
  • Push a Docker repository to a Docker registry

Bamboo analytics

We announce that we collect Bamboo usage data automatically. The data we collect includes information about the features you use in Bamboo – see our Privacy Policy for details. You can disable analytics collection if you wish.


JIRA Service Desk 2.4-OD-02

This release includes minor feature improvements and bug fixes.

Last modified on May 27, 2016

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