Add data to users for advanced functions - Jira applications only

You can add data to the properties of users to enable add-ons to execute advanced functions based on that data. For example, data added to a user can be used to automate post-functions in a workflow (such as those enabled by the Jira Misc Workflow Extensions add-on) so issues can be automatically assigned to a certain user based on its properties. This data can also be used to integrate Jira users with time tracking software.

The data assigned to user properties is made up of:

  • A key – for example, 'Phone number' or 'Location'.
  • A corresponding value – for example, '987 654 3210' or 'Level Three'.

Other than adding property data to the specified user, these user properties do not have an effect anywhere else in the project.

You can only add data to Jira users; other products don't make use of this property.

To add data to users for advanced functions:

  1. Go to  Site administration.
  2. Select the user you want to set the data properties for.
  3. Click the down arrow to the right of the Change password button and select Edit Jira Properties.
  4. Enter the Key and Value for the user.

Last modified on Apr 26, 2018

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