Apply Atlassian Access policies and features

Atlassian Access is a subscription that you purchase for your whole company.

Atlassian Access enables visibility and security across all Atlassian accounts and products at your company. You’ll have one place to manage your users and enforce security policies so your business can scale with confidence.

Prerequisites for Atlassian Access

Before you can subscribe to Atlassian Access, you need to create an organization and verify your domain:

  1. From the Security page of your site, select Try Atlassian Access to open and create an organization. For more details, see Set up an Atlassian organization.
  2. From, click Domains to verify your domains. For more details, see Verify a domain for your organization.

Once you create an organization and verify your domains, all the Atlassian accounts with email addresses from those domains become managed by your organization. For more details about how organizations work, see Get more security and control across your organization.

Subscribe to Atlassian Access

You can then subscribe to Atlassian Access to apply security policies over all those managed accounts. Your users with those accounts will be subject to the policies you've set, no matter which Atlassian products they log in to.

To subscribe to Atlassian Access:

  1. From, navigate to your organization.

  2. From the Overview page, click Learn more.

  3. Choose Try it free for 30 days to begin your Atlassian Access subscription.

Billing for Atlassian Access begins once you subscribe. To see the number of billable users and your bill estimate, go to Billing > Manage subscriptions. Read more about Pricing and billing for Atlassian Access. To get a billing estimate for Atlassian Access, check out our pricing calculator page.

All Atlassian Access features apply to all your managed users with access to these products:



Jira Software


Jira Core


Jira Service Desk







Coming soon


Not available

Atlassian Access security features

To apply security policies to your managed accounts, you have a few options after you subscribe to Atlassian Access.

Connect your identity provider to your organization

Atlassian Access includes two features for connecting your identity provider: SAML single sign-on and user provisioning.

SAML single sign-on

If you’d like your users to authenticate through your company’s identity provider when they log in to Atlassian Cloud products you can set up SAML for single sign-on (SSO). SSO allows a user to authenticate with one set of login credentials and access multiple products during their session.

With SSO, you have a few benefits:

  • If self signup is enabled, we automatically create an Atlassian account for them when that user logs in for the first time with SSO.

  • You can set security policies from your identity provider that will apply when users log in to your Atlassian products.

Read more about SAML single sign-on.

User provisioning

User provisioning integrates an external user directory with your Atlassian Cloud products. With user provisioning, you have a few benefits:

  • Automatically update the users and groups in your Atlassian organization when you make updates in your identity provider, saving you time.

  • When you deactivate a user in your identity provider, that use will automatically be deactivated in your Atlassian organization, giving you more security and better control over your bill.

  • New users automatically have access to your products as soon as they’re activated, making onboarding new employees easier.

Read more about User provisioning.

Alternative security policies

If you decide not to connect an identity provider to your Atlassian organization, we offer a few other security policies you can enforce for all your managed users.

Enforced two-step verification

Two-step verification adds a second login step to your managed users’ Atlassian accounts by requiring them to enter a 6-digit code in addition to their password when they log in. The second step helps keep their account secure even if the password is compromised, keeping your content and resources safer.

Read more about enforced two-step verification.

Password policies

Set a password policy to require all of your managed users to meet a minimum password strength and/or password expiry period. This ensures that the people accessing your Atlassian Cloud products are using best practices when creating passwords.

Read more about password policies.

Priority support for Atlassian Access

When you subscribe to Atlassian Access, you’ll get Priority Support across all the Atlassian Cloud products that Atlassian Access is available for.

Priority Support comes with one-hour response times for critical issues, including weekend availability. For non-business-critical issues you’ll receive 24-hour turnarounds during weekdays. Our dedicated round-the-world, round-the-clock support team will be standing by to ensure you get the answers you need, when you need them.

To request Priority Support, go to more about Atlassian Priority Support and Atlassian's support offerings.

Last modified on Jan 15, 2019

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