Atlassian account for admins

Atlassian account

Atlassian account is the basis of user management and access control for Atlassian Cloud applications. Atlassian account provides several benefits for both users and administrators.

Improved login experience for users

Users create Atlassian accounts themselves, usually in response to your email invitation.

Users log in with the same Atlassian account for all their Atlassian applications.

Users can enable two-step verification on their accounts, to keep their accounts secure even if a password is compromised.

Streamlined identity management for admins

You don't create accounts for your users – you simply invite them by email and we walk them through the signup flow.

You don't manage separate accounts for each user on each application – users log in with the same Atlassian account for all your applications.

You have control of user access to the Atlassian Cloud applications and resources in your Atlassian sites.

Once you've verified your domains, subscribe to Identity Manager for:

Last modified on Jan 18, 2018

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