Atlassian account for admins

Atlassian accounts

Atlassian accounts are the basis for managing security, users and access control for Atlassian Cloud products. Atlassian accounts provide several benefits for both users and administrators.

Improved login experience for users

  • Users create Atlassian accounts themselves, usually in response to your email invitation.
  • Users log in with the same Atlassian account for all the Atlassian Cloud products they use.
  • Users can enable two-step verification on their accounts, to keep their accounts secure even if a password is compromised.

Streamlined management for admins

  • You don't create accounts for your users – you simply invite them by email and we walk them through the signup flow.
  • You don't manage separate accounts for each user on each product – users log in with the same Atlassian account for all your Atlassian Cloud products.
  • You have control of user access to the Atlassian Cloud products and resources in your Atlassian sites.

Managed accounts

Once you have created an organization and verified a domain, all the Atlassian accounts that use email addresses from that domain become managed accounts. 

As an organization admin, you can perform the following operations on your managed accounts:

  • Change the account name and job title.
  • Change the account's email address. Note that changing the email domain of a user's email address will remove them from the organization, and any Atlassian Access security policies will stop being applied.
  • Temporarily exclude an account from two-step verification. You may wish to do this, for example, if the user is unable to log in because they've lost their phone.
  • Require a password reset for a particular user, or for all users.
  • Disable the account, so the user can no longer access any sites or log in to their account.

Read more about Organization administration.

Atlassian Access

Atlassian Access allows you to apply security policies across the managed accounts in your organization. You can subscribe to Atlassian Access once you create an organization and verify one or more domains.

Atlassian Access provides:

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Integration with Google G Suite

If you manage your users with Google, you can integrate your existing G Suite user directory with your Atlassian Cloud site. 

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Last modified on Sep 6, 2018

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