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About Atlassian accounts

Your Atlassian account is your online profile or identity that exists independently of the Atlassian products you use.

With an Atlassian account you can:

  • use just one account to log in to any of your Atlassian products, such as Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, and Bitbucket. You don't need to manage separate accounts for each of those - just one account to rule them all!
  • manage details of your account yourself, such as your name and avatar.
  • enable two-step verification on your account for increased security.

Note that:

  • If your Atlassian Cloud site uses G Suite to manage users, you'll log in with your Google account to access Atlassian products.
  • A portal-only customer account for Jira Service Desk isn't an Atlassian account, but is created and managed directly in Jira Service Desk. You'll only have a customer account if you're logging into another company's Jira Service Desk as a customer.

Create an Atlassian account

You can create an Atlassian account yourself. Just go to and complete the process. We'll email you asking that you verify your email address. That's it!

If you don't see the verification email, check your spam folder for an email from or If you still don't see the verification email, return to the log in screen to resend the email.

Log in to your Atlassian account

You can log in to your Atlassian account in two ways:

Logging in with two-step verification

If you've enabled two-step verification on your account, you'll see a second login step that requires you to check the verification app on your phone for a 6-digit code. See Secure your account with two-step verification for more information.

Note that if your Atlassian account is managed by your company, your admin is able to require that you enable two-step verification on your account.

Update your account details

Unmanaged accounts

If you manage your Atlassian account yourself (that is, the account is not managed by your company), you can update the details of your account yourself. Log in to to:

  • Update your email address
  • Change your account password
  • Change your display name and profile picture (avatar)
  • Enable two-step verification for your account, to get added security
  • Delete your account

Managed accounts

You'll know your Atlassian account is managed if you can see the name of your organization under your email address in your profile.

If you see the name of an organization that you're not a member of, contact Atlassian to resolve the issue. We can put you in touch with the admin of the other site, and make sure that they are aware of your account.

If your account is managed by your company, only your admin can:

  • Update the email address for the account
  • Deactivate or delete the account

An organization admin can also enforce two-step verification, and apply single sign-on with SAML and a password policy.

You can still:

  • Change your password (see note below)
  • Change your profile picture (avatar)
  • Enable two-step verification for your account, to get added security (see note below)

If your Atlassian Cloud site uses G Suite to manage users, or if SAML single sign-on has been applied, you can't change your full name or password, or enable two-step verification, from your Atlassian account profile. To change your password or enable two-step verification you'll need to either go to your Google account settings or ask your admin.

Last modified on Apr 5, 2019

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