Atlassian account for users

Your Atlassian account provides you with access to all of your Atlassian cloud products. We're progressively upgrading all our cloud products to an Atlassian account. Currently, all Bitbucket users log in to Bitbucket with an Atlassian account. If you haven't been upgraded on our other cloud products yet, you'll soon use an Atlassian account to log in to JIRA Software, JIRA Core, JIRA Service Desk, Confluence, and HipChat.

When you create a new Atlassian account or we upgrade you to one, we'll ask you to verify your email address. If you don't receive the verification email, check your spam folder for an email from or If you still don't see the verification email, return to the log in page to resend the email.

Logging in to your account

When you have an Atlassian account, you can log in to each product using the same account. If you have login issues, check our support page or contact us through our website.

When you want to access one of your Atlassian cloud products, we'll redirect you to After logging in, we'll send you back to homepage of the product you went to initially.

To log in to JIRA applications and Confluence:

Enter your email address and select Next. When the password field displays, enter your password and select Log in.

If you’re logging in to a site that’s connected with G Suite, enter your Google email address in the Email field then select Next. We'll direct you to Google to finish logging in.

To log in to Bitbucket:

Enter both your email address and password, then select Log in.

To log in to HipChat:

Enter your email address and select Next. When the password field displays, enter your password and select Log in.

Site access with Atlassian account

When you have an Atlassian account, the sites you access no longer own your account's identity. Instead, your identity is in the Atlassian ecosystem, meaning your account isn't limited to the context of the site you access.

It's not possible to combine Atlassian accounts, but you can have multiple accounts. As shown in the diagram, you can have managed accounts, personal accounts, and/or a customer accounts. If your account is managed, your administrator has more control over it. If your account is personal, you have more control over it. For more details about these first two accounts, see Personal and managed Atlassian accounts.

About portal-only customer accounts

Unlike the other two types of accounts, a customer account isn't an Atlassian account. You'll only have a customer account if you're logging into another company's JIRA Service Desk as a customer. As a result, unlike with an Atlassian account, you can use the same email address for if you have multiple customer accounts for different company sites.

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