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If you're using restrictive firewall or proxy server settings, you or your network admin will need to allow (whitelist) certain domains and IP address ranges to ensure Atlassian Cloud apps and other services work as expected.

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The information on this page mainly relates to Jira and Confluence, because they're hosted together on the domain. For info specific to our other apps, check out the section on Bitbucket and Trello.

Domain names

Allow these domains for Atlassian Cloud and related services:

  • https://*

  • https://*

  • https://*

  • https://*

  • https://*



On this page:

IP address ranges

We currently use a mix of our own IP addresses and others provided by third parties. You should whitelist the following IP ranges to make sure your Atlassian Cloud apps work as intended.

To accelerate file transfers going through, we use a technology provider that will terminate your TCP connection in the closest public cloud provider. Because of this, you may see that will resolve to various IPs from various public cloud provider ranges. The list of public cloud providers and the particular one you're redirected to is highly dynamic and will change over time, even based on time of day. This is to give you the best possible experience when downloading and uploading files, but also means we can't provide a fixed IP range for this service.

Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian Cloud sites don't have fixed individual IP addresses. The platform uses a range of IP addresses, with a reverse proxy that redirects users to the correct site. You should allow IP ranges in this list to maintain access to Atlassian Cloud products.

Amazon web services and CloudFront

We use Amazon Web Services and CloudFront CDN. To future-proof your setup, we suggest you allow everything with the service name "AMAZON" or "CLOUDFRONT" from this list.

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If you can update your whitelist programmatically from the linked file, it'll save you from needing to check it regularly.


We also use Cloudflare IPs from time to time. You should allow IP ranges in this list to maintain access to Atlassian Cloud products.

Outbound email

We use the below IPs to send notifications. You should allow the following IP ranges:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Bitbucket and Trello

Some of our apps aren't hosted on the same domain as Confluence and Jira. Check the documentation for Bitbucket and Trello to find out which domains, IP address ranges, and ports you need to allow.

Last modified on Feb 19, 2019

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