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The storage limit for each Atlassian Cloud product is 250GB, regardless of your user tier. That means that if you have both Confluence and Jira, each has its own 250GB storage limit.

Storage is primarily made up of:

  • Attachments from Jira products

  • Confluence attachments

For more information, check out our storage frequently asked questions:

Can I track my storage usage on Atlassian Cloud?

It's not currently possible to track storage usage in Confluence or Jira products. However we are working on creating that ability.

What will happen if I exceed my storage limit?

Storage limits in Cloud are not currently enforced. We are revising our storage policy in Cloud and will roll out more options for purchasing additional storage, along with enforcing the limits, sometime in 2019. We will notify you in advance before we roll out these changes.

If your Atlassian Cloud products exceed the storage limit, your instance will not be suspended, except in extreme circumstances, and we will not remove any data. If you exceed your storage limit by a small amount, and you're storing acceptable types of data, your products will continue to work.

Can I increase my storage limit?

Currently it isn't possible to increase your Atlassian Cloud storage limit, but we continue to review our storage policy and issue updates.

Last modified on Jan 11, 2019

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