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Each Atlassian Cloud subscription has a disk storage limit. Your subscription, including each individual application, must remain below the overall maximum disk storage limit. You can't monitor your disk space usage right now.

If your instance exceeds the storage limit, Atlassian Support can work with you to reduce disk space by archiving old Confluence and/or Jira application attachments. We won't remove any data without first consulting with you.

Atlassian Cloud storage limits

  Jira applications Maximum* Confluence Maximum* Overall Maximum*
0-500 users 25GB 25GB 25GB
500+ users 100GB 50GB 100GB

* Disk usage of all applications must combine to be less than the overall maximum.

Disk usage is primarily made up of:

  • Attachments from Jira applications
  • Confluence attachments

We continue to explore options for offering additional storage above the current allotment for customers that require it. We'll update this page with the latest information as soon as it becomes available.

Storage Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track my disk usage on Atlassian Cloud?

It's not currently possible to track disk usage in Confluence or Jira applications.

What will happen if I exceed my storage limit?

If your Atlassian Cloud instance exceeds the storage limit, your instance will not be suspended, except in extreme circumstances, and we will not remove any data. If you exceed your storage limit by a small amount, and you're storing acceptable types of data, your applications will continue to work (large video files are an example of an unacceptable attachment data type). If you exceed the limit by a large amount, we'll email your technical contact and offer help to reduce disk usage by archiving old Confluence or Jira application attachments.

Can I increase my storage limit?

Currently it isn't possible to increase your Atlassian Cloud storage limit.

Last modified on Sep 22, 2017

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