August 2012

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Changes in this month:


27 August 2012

JIRA OnDemand upgrade

JIRA OnDemand has been upgraded, as part of our ongoing commitment to regularly deliver new functionality to JIRA OnDemand. To check out what other JIRA features we've added in previous weeks, see this page: JIRA 5.2.

This upgrade introduces a number of new improvements including the ability to edit/copy issue collectors, faster and more reliable mentions and tweaks to the user interfaces for projects.

Copying and editing issue collectors

In JIRA 5.1, we introduced the JIRA issue collector — letting you embed JIRA feedback forms in your websites that create issues in your JIRA instance. In this release, we've added the ability to edit and copy issue collectors. Tweak an existing issue collector or use it as the basis for an entirely new one.


Faster and more reliable mentions

We added mentions in JIRA 5.0, which gave JIRA users an easy way to share an issue with other users via email. This release includes a significant performance improvement to this feature. You'll notice that user names are suggested much more quickly, when you start typing after an '@' character. The suggested results are also more accurate and reliable.

Streamlined user interfaces for projects

You'll notice a number of minor improvements to the user interfaces for projects in this release, including:

UI FeatureWhere did it use to be?Screenshot
New Create New Project button on the Browse Projects > All Projects page.N/A
Administer Project button now available on the Browse Project page itselfBrowse Project > Summary tab
(now removed)
Standard issue filters directly available on Browse Project > Issues pageFilters dropdown on Browse Project > Summary tab
(now removed)


20 August 2012

Getting copies of your Confluence OnDemand data

The Backup Manager is now available in Confluence OnDemand. This is useful if you want to import OnDemand data into local Confluence installations. You can still continue to take space backups as before if you wish.

You can also use this approach as a way of taking occasional offline backups. Please note that since the OnDemand service takes backups for your instance every 24 hours, there is no need to regularly back your data up with the Backup Manager.

Screenshot: Backup Manager in Confluence OnDemand

To use the Backup Manager:

  • If your site has multiple OnDemand applications, go to  your_username  > Administration > Wiki > Administration > Backup Manager
  • In a Conf-only site, go to Browse > Confluence Admin > the  Administration section > Backup Manager.

For more information and instructions, see Exporting wiki data.


Unable to render {include} The included page could not be found.
runs a preview Confluence version (5.0-OD-1) which is not the latest stable release. Because Confluence only supports the import of data from the same version (or newer), you will need to deploy the corresponding preview version locally. Please see Migrate from Confluence Cloud to Server for details.

A new home for bugs and feature requests

We have been asking you to file bugs and log feature requests for Atlassian OnDemand at Some bugs and requests are closely related with other Atlassian product and quite often, you are pointed to a related issue in a different issue tracker. We realised that this can be confusing and it is a better user experience if these issues all live on the same tracker. With that in mind, we are in the progress of setting up an Atlassian OnDemand project at, and we are hoping that the migration will be finished within the next two weeks.

13 August 2012

GreenHopper upgrade

GreenHopper has been upgraded to version 6 and you will see a new menu structure. The new board (formerly known as the Rapid Board) is now promoted in the menu structure. The previous boards are now known as the Classic Planning Board, the Classic Task Board, the Classic Released Board and the Classic Charts Board, and are available via Classic in the menu.

For the list of new features included in version 6, check out the GreenHopper OnDemand 2012-08-13 page.

Please note that the keyboard shortcuts have also been updated. Type "?" for the latest list.

Bonfire upgrade

Bonfire has been upgraded from 2.3 to 2.4. This upgrade contains a number of new features including GreenHopper integration, JIRA-styled inline-editing, drag and drop file attachment and testing summary fields.

For details, check out the release notes: Bonfire 2.4.0 Release Notes.

Bitbucket and GitHub Connector (JIRA DVCS Connector) upgrade

This upgrade is a bugfix release and resolves the issue where private GitHub repositories are not displayed. The issue key is:

6 August 2012

Confluence OnDemand upgrade

This week brings a number of exciting new Confluence 4.3 features. See what's new below, and hold on to your hats for more in the next few weeks.

New features for OnDemand customers in Confluence 4.3:


Rich text templates

The template editor now supports rich text content, just like the page editor. You no longer need to use wiki markup to create and update templates. This means that you can now convert an existing page to a template. And it's easy to add form fields, known as variables, to your templates. More...

Migration of templates. As part of the Confluence upgrade, an automatic migration of your page templates will take place. This is a non-destructive process. Your existing content is not overwritten. Instead, the migration process will create a new version of each space template and each global template on your Confluence site. The new version will use the new storage format, so that you can edit the templates in the Confluence rich text editor. This process is automatic, and you should not need to take any action.

Space archiving

You can archive a space, so that its content is less visible but still available on your Confluence site. When a space is archived, the pages and other content do not appear in the Confluence search results, activity streams, or dropdown menus. In the space directory, the archived space will appear on a new archive tab. More...

Table sorting and highlighting

Sortable tables are here! And they're colorful and easier to read too.

  • Column sorting
    When viewing a page, click the header to sort on any column.
  • Table highlighting
    Fill table cells, rows and columns with a custom background color to highlight important information.

Draggable images and macros

Within the Confluence editor, you can drag and drop images and macros anywhere on the page that you're editing. This feature is supported in the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 9. It does not work in Internet Explorer 8.

Removing attachment versions

You can now delete a specific version of an attachment.

Other changes

  • Multiple new drafts. You can now have more than one draft of a new page or blog post in the same space. (In earlier versions of Confluence, you could have multiple drafts of existing pages, but only one new draft.)
  • Mentions now available via the 'Insert' menu. You may already be aware of @mentions, a handy way of mentioning someone in a page or comment. If you type '@' and someone's name, Confluence sends that person an email notification. Now we have added the user mention option to the editor's 'Insert' menu to help new users discover this useful feature.



Last modified on May 27, 2016

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