Collaborative editing is coming to Confluence Cloud

I seem to remember someone – without naming any names – may have mentioned at Atlassian Summit that we'd be bringing collaborative editing to Confluence. I also think it's fair to say that a few of you are pretty excited to get your hands on this feature.

Well, the wait is almost over – we're gearing up to release collaborative editing to Confluence Cloud. Bring in stakeholders, work with your team to get the page or post just right, and publish it when you're all happy. Oh and no need to save – we do that for you.

Something to keep in mind

It's important to note that, in the period between when we release collaborative editing to Confluence Cloud and when it's ready for Confluence Server, there'll be no migration path from Cloud to Server. Once we release collaborative editing to Confluence Server, this won't be an issue any more. If you have no plans to move, this is no issue for you; if you've already planned to move from Confluence Cloud to the Server version, though, we suggest you either do it this month, or wait until collaborative editing lands in Confluence Server 6.0.

How long is this likely to last for? We can't give any exact dates yet, but we believe it'll be for a period of about 2 months.

To make sure we stay in touch with anyone affected by this change, we've created an issue where you can let us know if the temporary lack of migration path is a less-than-ideal situation for you or your team.

We hope you're as seriously excited as we are to start using collaborative editing.

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