Enabling autonomous teams with next-gen Jira Cloud projects

We're introducing a new style of project to Jira Cloud: next-gen projects. These projects come with the new Create next-gen projects global permission. This permission allows users to create next-gen projects and is granted to all users with application access to a Jira product by default.

Currently, you can create next-gen Kanban or next-gen Scrum templates in Jira Software. Or, you can get early access to Jira Ops's next-gen incident management template.

What are next-gen projects?

Next-gen projects are separate and distinct from classic Jira projects.

Creating and setting up next-gen projects does not affect existing Jira projects (or any other next-gen project).

Next-gen projects don't share or affect any existing Jira objects or schemes, like:

  • custom fields

  • issue types

  • workflows

  • screens

  • permissions

Soon, next-gen project owners will set up their own custom issue types, workflows, and fields.

Next-gen projects free up Jira admins to focus on tasks that relate to all Jira users. They can take more time to set up classic projects using Jira's advanced configuration capabilities

Teams that create next-gen projects get more flexibility and agility. They can adapt their working processes on the fly, without reaching out to a Jira admin for help.

What types of next-gen projects can users create?

Currently, we offer next-gen projects for Jira Software's Kanban and Scrum templates. JIRA Ops's incident management project is also a next-gen project. By default, anyone can create and manage Jira Software's next-gen projects.

Gradually, we'll allow users to create next-gen projects in other project templates.

Can Jira admins manage who they allow to create next-gen projects?

These new projects come with a new global permission. By default, all Jira Software users can create a next-gen project. You can manage who can create next-gen projects by granting users and groups the Create next-gen projects permission in Jira settingsRead more about global permissions.

Help us improve

We will add more capabilities to next-gen projects. Soon, project admins will see more robust features and improvements as we learn from real-world use. For example, they'll be able to add project-specific issue types, workflows, and fields. 

You and your users can provide feedback directly to our development teams. Look for the Give feedback buttons inside your next-gen projects. Let us know how you're using these new projects and permissions. We thrive on feedback and love to hear what works, what doesn't and how we can make Jira better for you and your team.

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