Atlassian Cloud changes Mar 19 to Mar 26, 2018

These changes have been made or are being made to your Atlassian Cloud products and services.

Anything with a (star) is new this week.

Changes with a (plus) are steadily rolling out and may not be on your site just yet.

Atlassian Cloud

Your cloud-hosted products are supported by the Atlassian Cloud platform. This section usually includes changes related to multiple Atlassian Cloud products, site administration, and user management.

Easier switching between apps (plus)

The application navigator has had a visual refresh and some improvements to help you get to your work quicker. You can now use the navigator to:

  • Quickly switch between Jira Projects and Confluence spaces you've recently worked on
  • Navigate to your new home (in labs): One place to help you find all your Jira issues or Confluence pages that you've been working on.

Organizations for verified domains and accounts (plus)

We've introduced 'organization' as a way to manage your verified domains and user accounts. You can subscribe to Identity Manager and apply security policies on all your managed accounts.

Identity Manager is free to try for a limited time. Learn more about Identity Manager's Early Access Program.

AID Management Two Step Verification SMS Enrollment (plus)

Get two-step verification codes via app or text (SMS)

Now, when you enable two-step verification on your Atlassian account, you can choose whether to get the 6-digit verification code via authentication app on your smartphone, or by text (SMS) message. Read about enabling two-step verification.


End of support for nested tables (plus)

As we work on creating a more stable editing experience, we will no longer be supporting nested tables - that is, a table within a list, block quotes, or another table. Existing nested tables will not be affected, you simply won't be able to create new nested tables.

Blogs are getting the first round of editing improvements (plus)

If you've ever thought 'I wish it was easier to read blogs on mobile.... or on other devices', then this change is for you. Blogs are getting fixed-width layouts to improve readability across all devices. We're making a bunch of other updates to improve editing reliability and clean up your editing experience, so some macros may be temporarily unavailable while they're under maintenance. You can read more about these changes on our docs site.

Space tools has moved (plus)

Space tools has a new home. It's still in the sidebar, but it's moving up in the world, and now lives under the space name. To find it, click the down arrow next your space name, then click the cog icon. Feel free to poke around and get to know its new neighborhood!

Jira Service Desk

Automate requests according to time in a certain status (plus)

You can now automate the handling of requests based on the time they have been in a certain status.  In the automation settings, you will find a new WHEN action that allows you to specify the status and the amount of time of the requests you'd like to manage. Adding in a THEN action afterwards will allow you to take action on those requests like transitioning an issue to 'closed' or prompting for a comment.

New design for Automation rule building (plus)

You'll be able to automate your repetitive tasks easier than ever with our new rule building for Automation. Check it out by editing one of your existing rules, browsing some new pre-configured rules we've just added, or building your own custom rule.

Help center updates - My requests and Search (plus)

  • My requests in the help center has moved to under the help seekers' avatar
  • You can search the whole help center from any page

iOS ❤️ Jira Service Desk (plus)

We're excited to bring you Jira Service Desk for iOS. You can now:

  • check your Jira Service Desk projects, queues, and issues on mobile
  • reply to customers or leave internal notes for your team

If you already have the JIRA Cloud Mobile app, then you're ready to go. Just update the app and find your projects waiting for you.

Don't have the JIRA app yet? Download it from the App Store. Then, sign in to your service desk site to keep your queues at your fingertips.

Android users, don't despair - we're coding at top speed to bring you Jira Service Desk next.

Jira Software

We're rolling out a new type of project and a new global permission. By default, any licensed user can create their own independent project. These projects don't affect existing Jira projects or shared configurations. You can manage who's allowed to create independent projects with the new Create independent projects global permission. Read more about independent projects.

New issue view: Jira Software boards (plus)

Quickly view and update issue details in our new issue view for your software boards. Select an issue on your board and it opens in a new pop-up dialog instead of the previous sidebar view. We're rolling this out gradually, so you may not see it on your site just yet.

We're adding new features and refining the design all the time, so click Give feedback on the issue view to let us know what you think.

New issue view: Backlog (plus)

Take advantage of our simpler, more consistent issue view when planning your next sprint or grooming your backlog. Please note, this feature isn't available for all sites yet. We're rolling it out slowly, so don't worry if you don't see it just yet.

JSW <3 Confluence (plus)

For those of you using Confluence with Jira Software, we've added a new Pages option in the project menu where you can manage all of your project's Confluence docs, in one convenient spot (Scrum and Kanban boards only).

New issue view: Log time (plus)

Click ••• > Log time to log and track the amount of time you spend working on issues in the new issue view.

Jira Software messaging platform (plus)

New Jira Software customers now have the ability to chat with someone from our support team, directly from within the product. It's just an experiment for now, and we might roll it out to more people later.

Agility boards: Media on cards (plus)

Images you attach to issues will now display on your board, as the card's cover image.

New issue view: Navigate with keyboard shortcuts (plus)

Open an issue on a board, then jump quickly to other issues using the keyboard shortcuts: J = down, K = up, N = right (next), and P = left (previous).

New issue view: Time estimate field (plus)

Use time estimates for sprint planning in the new issue view.

Agility boards: Create an issue with filters applied

If you create an issue on your agility board while filters are applied, we'll now do our best to apply those same values to your new issue. Here are some examples:

  • If your filter has one team member selected, we'll automatically assign the new issue to that person.
  • If your filter has two labels selected, we'll automatically add those labels to the issue you created.

Agility boards: Rename your board

You asked, so we've delivered! After lots of great feedback, we've added the ability to rename your agility boards. To try it out, navigate to your board and click the board's name.

Jira platform

Changes in this section usually apply to all Jira products. We'll tell you in the change description if something is only for a specific Jira product.

New issue view: Colored text in the editor (star) (plus)

Say it in style by adding colored text in descriptions and comments in the new issue view.

Search improvements (plus)

See a list of your recently viewed items when you click in the Search field in the header, and see results appear in real time as you type.

Updates to project details (plus)

We streamlined your project detail settings to focus on basic information about your project: its name, avatar and key. To view or edit these, go to your project settings and select Details.

New Jira experience: Sidebar navigation (plus)

We're rolling out a new experience for you and your teams. If you have the new experience on your Jira site, take a look at this guide to see what's new and what's changed.

The new Jira experience (plus)

We're rolling out a new Jira experience to our Jira Cloud customers. If you already have it on your site, read this guide to learn about it.

Manage users and roles on the People page (plus)

Users and Roles is now called People. It's where you manage access for the team of real people who work on your project.

Comment reactions (plus)

React to comments in Jira Core. Save those "+1" and "Thanks" comments for later and add a reaction instead (smile)

New issue view: Optimistic transitions (plus)

Faster issue transitions in the new issue view. No more sitting around waiting for that transition to happen.

New issue view: Attachments panel (plus)

Add attachments directly to the new issue view, without needing to add them in the description or comments. Click the quick-add paperclip icon under the issue summary to get started.

New issue view: Show issue pop-up on boards when the URL specifies an issue (plus)

Click a link to a board that includes a selected issue and we'll automatically open the issue in the new issue view pop-up.

Invite new people to Jira projects by email (plus)

When adding people to projects, Jira admins can invite people to join their Atlassian site.

New issue view: Jira mobile (plus)

The improved usability and consistency of our new issue view is now on mobile too. Get the same great experience, regardless of device.

Bug fix: Duplicate issues from single email (plus)

The first part of the fix for this issue where a single email could result in the creation of multiple issues.

New media uploader (plus)

Use our new media uploader, with handy recent files list and image annotations.

Preview how to manage issue types in your independent agility projects (plus)

Check out the new issue type settings to get a sneak peek into how you'll customize your independent projects. Soon, you'll be able to set up your own issue types and customize their workflows and fields. Let us know what you think!

New Jira Experience: Updated issue navigator (plus)

As part of the new Jira experience, we've updated the project issue navigator. It's cleaner, easier to navigate, and has a few more default filter options. We've also changed it's name in the menu from Issues to Filters.

Check it out by navigating to your project and selecting Filters in the global menu.

New issue view: Progressive loading (plus)

We're loading the new issue view in stages, so you can start reading the issue's details a bit quicker.


Jump to Last Read (plus)

No more scrolling to find where you left off reading. Click or tap Unread messages (you'll find it at the top of a chat) to jump up to messages you haven't read. If there's been lots of chatter, continue to click or tap Unread messages until you get to the first one.

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