Atlassian Cloud changes Sep 10 to Sep 17, 2018

These changes have been made or are being made to your Atlassian Cloud products and services.

Anything with a (star) is new this week.

Changes with a (plus) are steadily rolling out and may not be on your site just yet.

Atlassian Cloud

Your cloud-hosted products are supported by the Atlassian Cloud platform. This section usually includes changes related to multiple Atlassian Cloud products, site administration, and user management.

New design for the self signup page (plus)

We're rolling out updated user management pages with a new, cleaner design. Functionality remains unchanged, they're just nicer to use! Read about managing product access for your users.

Manage the apps that access your Atlassian account (plus)

Go to your profile and click Manage account > Connected apps to see the third-party apps that can access your Atlassian account. You can remove access for apps you no longer use. Read about managing your profile.

Atlassian admin hub has gone international! (plus)

Most of Atlassian admin hub now uses the internationalization setting in your browser.
Read about how to change the language settings for Atlassian Cloud.

Search for teams from your profile page (plus)

Now you can search for people and teams in the Atlassian Cloud people directory. Read about the people directory.


Atlassian profile and people directory (plus)

We're bringing the new Atlassian profile to Confluence. Soon you'll have a single profile for all the Atlassian products you use on your site, including Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. To do this, we've consolidated the information in your Atlassian account and your Confluence profile and removed or replaced redundant fields. We've also moved the profile tab out of Settings and into the menu you access from your avatar.

Finally, we've deprecated the Confluence people directory and replaced it with a one that works across all your Atlassian products. You can access the new people directory via the App Switcher.

Blogs are getting the first round of editing improvements (plus)

If you've ever thought 'I wish it was easier to read blogs on mobile.... or on other devices', then this change is for you. Blogs are getting fixed-width layouts to improve readability across all devices. We're making a bunch of other updates to improve editing reliability and clean up your editing experience, so some macros may be temporarily unavailable while they're under maintenance. You can read more about these changes on our docs site.

All collaborators now get credited as page authors (plus)

The person who starts a page isn't necessarily the same person who finishes it, and if more than one person have been working on something together, we think they all deserve credit for what they created. That's why we're changing the byline on Confluence pages so that they now include all the collaborators, not just the person who first created them.

Meeting notes are getting a makeover (plus)

We're continuing to work on improving your editing experience, and next in line for an upgrade is meeting notes. In addition to being faster and more reliable, your new meeting notes are also responsive, optimized for readability, and have advanced tables. Some macros are still temporarily missing as we rebuild them, but you can check the list and find more details on all of these changes from our docs site.

Jira Service Desk

Add child issues to epics in agility projects (star) (plus)

Add stories, tasks, bugs and other child issues to epics in your independent agility projects to further define the work that needs to be done.

Login-free portal (plus)

Users can view the customer portal, read knowledge base articles, and send requests without logging in. Learn more on the Jira Service Desk blog.

Meet the new help center (plus)

We have exciting things happening in the help center. Check out our blog to learn what's coming!

Customize the customer invitation email (plus)

You can now customize the email your customers receive when you invite them to your Jira Service Desk portal. Project administrators can make this change in Project settings > Customer notifications.

Knowledge base is full-page (plus)

We're building a bigger and better knowledge base! To start, the Knowledge base in the sidebar is now full-page. Stay tuned for more updates!

Browse knowledge base categories in help center (plus)

Add knowledge base articles to categories so help seekers can browse articles by topic in the help center. Learn more on the Jira Service Desk Cloud blog.

Browse knowledge base articles in your project (plus)

As part of our knowledge base refresh, you can now search and browse all your knowledge base articles from a spacious page in your service desk project.

Jira Software

We're rolling out a new type of project and a new global permission. By default, any licensed user can create their own independent project. These projects don't affect existing Jira projects or shared configurations. You can manage who's allowed to create independent projects with the new Create independent projects global permission. Read more about independent projects.

Agility boards: Epics on board and backlog (star) (plus)

Big feature coming up! We're adding Epics to Agility boards. Epics will show on your board as a new issue type, and will allow your team to plan larger pieces of work.

To learn more about epics in general, check out our guide on work structure.

New issue view: Click through to an issue's sprints (star) (plus)

Quickly jump to a sprint board from the new issue view. When viewing an issue, the issue's sprint is now a link that takes you to the relevant active sprint board with the filter set for that sprint.

New issue view for Jira Software (plus)

Get a consistent view and edit experience with our new issue view for Jira Software. Click an issue to see its details, edit any field with a click, and add content with the quick-add buttons (under the issue summary). We're rolling this out gradually, so you may not see it on your site just yet. Take a look at the documentation for more info and watch the page to be updated when we release new features.

We're adding new features and refining the design all the time, so click Give feedback on the issue view to let us know what you think.

New issue view: full-page issue view (plus)

The new Jira issue view, which we already released for boards and the backlog, is now here for the full-page issue view. Quickly add attachments and subtasks, link issues, and click to edit any field you see. Check out this page for more info.

Jira platform

Changes in this section usually apply to all Jira products. We'll tell you in the change description if something is only for a specific Jira product.

Removing the test connection button for incoming mail servers (star) (plus)

To improve security in Jira Cloud, we're removing the Test Connection button that appears when you're configuring incoming mail servers.

Use custom fields in your agility board rules (star) (plus)

You can use the Update an issue field rule on your agility board to automatically update custom fields. Update any custom text, date, number, time, or label fields you've created simply by dragging cards across your board.

New Jira experience: Updated project issue navigator (plus)

As part of the new Jira experience, we've updated the project issue navigator. There's a new, cleaner design, and it includes the new Jira issue view to help you quickly find and update important issue info.

Check it out by navigating to your project and selecting Issues in the sidebar.

Note: Create issue and navigation with keyboard shortcuts aren't available in the new navigator just yet, but we hope to add them very soon. The + in the sidebar is always there for when you need to create new issues.

New issue view: Full-page issue view for business projects (plus)

The simplicity and consistency of the new issue view, which we've already released to boards (and backlogs for Jira Software), is here for the full-page issue view. Use the quick-add buttons to add attachments and subtasks, or link issues, in a flash, and edit everything you see inline.

Atlassian profile page (plus)

We're bringing the new Atlassian profile to Jira, so that you'll soon have a single unified profile for all of your Atlassian products, like Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. This means some options that used to be in your profile have moved to your avatar > Personal settings:

  • Language
  • Time zone
  • Autowatch (whether you're automatically set as a watcher for issues you create or comment on) 
  • Email type (HTML or plain text)

As part of this change we've removed the option to disable keyboard shortcuts, as it was rarely used.

Boards that were located in your profile have also moved. They're now under your avatar > Your boards.

Add bug and task issue types to your independent agility projects (plus)

Agility projects come with the Story issue type. Now, you can add Bug and Task issue types from your project's settings. Go to SettingsIssue types, and select + Add issue type.

Create custom fields in independent projects (plus)

Set up custom fields to help add context to your team's work. Collect and display the information that's important to you on your project's issues. You can create custom fields and use them on any issue type in your independent project.

Automatically update issue fields in your agility project (plus)

Use the Update an issue field rule to automatically change the value of a field when moving an issue between columns or statues. For now, you can update the issue's priority or description. We're adding more fields and functionality in the next few months.

To try out the rule: From your agility board, select More (…) > Manage rules.

More rules coming soon!

Switch and search for boards in your project's sidebar (plus)

We improved the board switcher in your project's sidebar. Now, you can switch between the boards in your current project and recent boards from other projects. And, you can search for boards across your entire Jira site.

To try it out, select your board's name in your project's sidebar.

New issue view: History feed (plus)

See the timeline of changes to your issues—status changes, field updates, adding attachments, and more—in the history feed for the new issue view. Click Comments near the bottom of the issue and choose History to check it out.

New icon for the product switcher (plus)

We've changed the sidebar icon for the product switcher from three horizontal lines (sometimes called the hamburger 🍔 (wink)) to grid of nine dots to make it clearer it's where you go to navigate to a different product, project, or space. You can also get to the people directory and site admin from there.

Star recently-viewed projects, boards, filters and more (plus)

Create shortcuts and find your work faster with Starred and recent. Click the star in your sidebar to see a list of your recently-viewed projects, boards, filters, and dashboards. Star something in the list to keep it pinned there. Starring helps you create your own shortcuts for what's important to you.

Search for any board from the project sidebar (plus)

We added a search bar to the boards listing on your project sidebar. If your project has more than one board, select the board's name in the sidebar to see a list of recently-viewed boards. Use the new search bar to search for boards in any project on your site.

Change the key when creating a new project (plus)

Know the key you want? Click Advanced when creating a new project to customize a project's key before creating it.

New issue view in search (plus)

We're bringing the new issue view to the Jira search screen (sometimes called the global issue navigator), with a consistent layout to help you quickly find and edit important details.

Combining recent projects, filters, and boards in quick search (plus)

To help you resume work faster, we've combined your recent projects, filters, and boards into one section in the quick search (when you click the search magnifying glass icon in the sidebar).

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