Profile visibility settings are now available on Atlassian Cloud

Starting today, you’ve got more control over who sees your profile information

The new Profile and visibility page lets you set your profile information, such as your profile photo, full name and location, and specify whether that information is visible to other people. Depending on the profile field and whether your account is managed by an organization, you’ll have the following visibility settings:

  • Anyone - This information is visible to anyone who can view your content. It's also visible in any apps that have been installed in Atlassian products.

  • Your organization’s name - This information is only visible to other people managed by your organization. Typically, this is anyone who shares your organization’s email domain, such as

  • Only you - This information is only visible to you.

Public names

We’re introducing the use of public names, in addition to full names. A user’s public name will always be displayed on community-oriented Atlassian sites, such as Atlassian Community and Atlassian Developer Community.

Managed users can restrict the visibility of their full name to their organization. When they do so, their public name will be displayed to people outside their organization.

Users can use full names and public names to find other users, for example, when they mention other users or assign issues to them.

Note: If you only have a Bitbucket Cloud account, your public name may be the same as your username.

See Update your profile and visibility settings for more information.

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