We're launching improved navigation for admins

We're making it easier for administrators by building a more seamless experience between products and administration.

Recently, we got feedback from Jira and Confluence users about how to improve the navigation. Based on what we learned, we launched new navigation so product users can find what they need faster. We want administrators to benefit from this improvement so you can more easily administer your organization's users and products.

If you’re an administrator and use the site or organization admin pages under admin.atlassian.com, read on for how this will impact your organization and your day to day admin tasks.

Getting more work done with improved navigation

The new, easy to use navigation, enables you to change organizational contexts, and stay on task.

New navigation updates

  1. Check out how an organization switcher gives administrators an easy way to switch between different organizations.

  2. New categories added to help enterprise customers: Products and Billing.

      • The Products tab enables organizations to see an overview of their products and access more powerful change-management features such as release tracks and sandbox.

      • The Billing tab allows admins to view your organization's bill from one centralized location.

    What to expect next

    The new navigation for Administrators will start rolling out in June 2020. A randomly selected group of administrators will be able to try the new navigation before the launch.

    Frequently asked questions

    1. When will my organization receive the new navigation?
      We will start rolling out the new navigation in June 2020. The rollout will take about a month, and we will send in-product notifications reminding you before your organization receives the new navigation.

    2. I'm an admin, and I will need to communicate this change to other admins on my team. Where can I go to get more information?
      We will share an in-product notification at least one month before the start of the rollout, which will highlight all the information you need to communicate with your teams.

    3. How will my users toggle on/off the new navigation?
      Unfortunately, once you turn on the new navigation, you will not be able to switch back. We strongly believe the improved navigation will make it easier to complete your day to day admin tasks.

    4. Will the new navigation be available on all Atlassian products?
      Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud are the only products to have the new navigation in 2020. As of now, our other Cloud products (Bitbucket, Opsgenie, Statuspage, Trello) and Server and Datacenter products will stay the same.

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