We’re improving G Suite settings: get ready for better user management and security

We know G Suite is one of the most popular ways to administer users across your company, which is why we improved how you manage G Suite in your organization. These improvements include making user management more secure and automated, so you have less work to do.

These new G Suite settings are included with your subscription to Atlassian Access.

Before making these improvements, we heard about these issues:

  1. When adding users to a group, you had to sync groups manually between G Suite and Atlassian 

  2. When employees leave, you had to deactivate access manually in G Suite and Atlassian

  3. There’s no easy way to test logging into an account or excluding users from single sign-on

Changes to how you manage your G Suite settings

Starting from November 11 to November 25, we're rolling out these G Suite setting changes:

Manage your users at the organization level

Previous version

New version

You managed your settings at the site level, for each site

You’ll be able to find G Suite at the organization level and take advantage of improved usability and security.

To change sync settings, you disconnected your G Suite account, made your changes, and reconnected

You lost all your original settings in the process

You disable and enable sync for your organization to change settings without needing to disconnect

You save all your original settings

You synced users in a group from G Suite over to Atlassian, but the group would not get synced

You sync both users and the group over to Atlassian

If you’re not an organization admin, reach out to one and ask them to make you into an organization admin. One way to find an organization admin is on the User Management > Users page.

Sync your groups when you have more than one site

Previous version

New version

Up until now, we only ever synced groups to one site

Now you can sync groups from G Suite to your organization, and the groups will sync to all your sites

Give new users access to products

Previous version

New version

Up until now, when you synced a new user to Atlassian, we automatically granted them access to Atlassian products (e.g., Jira, Confluence)

We changed this to give you more control over which users get to use what products. After the sync, you add the group and its new users to one or multiple products

Here are the other changes

Previous version

New version

You remove a user from G Suite, and the user’s site access would get revoked

You delete/suspend in G Suite, and we automatically deactivate Atlassian user accounts

We emailed the same instructions to all new users

You add personal instructions to new user email invites

You enforce users to log in with G Suite

Give users a choice about how they log in or
enforce secure user login with G Suite

G Suite settings available to your organization

Starting from November 11 to 25, 2020, we’re migrating G Suite connections. When your new settings are ready to use, we’ll notify you in your organization.

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