Manage users without group-based syncing

Hey there! We're currently updating the way site admins manage their G Suite users. As a result, this page won't apply to all site admins.

Before reading on, take a moment to follow these steps:

  1. Go to 
     >  User management
  2. Select G Suite in the sidebar.
  3. Check if your G Suite screen looks like this:

If it does, your site is using group-based syncing and this page doesn't apply to you. If you want information on managing your G Suite users, check out Manage users with group-based syncing instead.

Once you've set up G Suite integration, you can manage your user base by converting users to external users or deleting them completely.

  • Converting users to external users allows users to continue to access your site; however, they no longer are part of your G Suite domain and their details won't be synced. For example, you might need to convert a G Suite user to an external if he or she becomes a contractor.
  • Deleting users prevents users from logging into your site. Deleted users don't count toward your user license limit. You usually need to delete users if they leave your company or move to a different role that doesn't require them to access your site.

Where to manage G Suite users

If you use G Suite, you carry out some user management tasks in Atlassian Cloud user management, and some tasks in the Organization & Users section of your G Suites domain admin pages.

To Go to
Create, delete, and rename users* Your Google domain administration
Reset user passwords** Your Google domain administration
Assign users to groups & manage group access permissions Atlassian Cloud administration
Manage users' application access Atlassian Cloud administration
Create, delete, and rename external users Atlassian Cloud administration

* You have two options for creating users:

  • Create a user in Google domain administration: By doing this, the user can sign themselves up to your Atlassian Cloud site, and their details will automatically be entered into your Atlassian Cloud user base.
  • Create a user in Atlassian Cloud administration: If you do this, they'll be created as an external user. If you want them to be created as a synced G Suite user, you'll also need to create the user in G Suite, with the same logon details. Check out the Reconciling existing users section below for more information.

** Resetting the user password in the Google domain administration will reset the password used to log into Google. To reset the password used for Atlassian Cloud services, you must use the Atlassian Cloud administration screens. Check out How G Suite users log in for more information on passwords.

Managing G Suite users

Reconciling existing users

When reconciling your G Suite users with your Atlassian Cloud users, the following will apply:

  • When a user from your G Suite account logs into your site using their Google credentials for their first time, their G Suite account will be linked to the account on your site with the same username and email address. That is, if the username and email address in G Suite is the same as those in Atlassian Cloud, the accounts will be linked. 
  • If the usernames match and the email addresses don't, then the user will be prompted to claim the account that matches their username by providing the password to their Atlassian Cloud account. 
  • If your G Suite user is new to your site and there is no account that matches the user on your site, an account will be automatically created and linked for them. 
  • If you wish to manually invite a user to your site and to link them to G Suite later, you will need to ensure their usernames are the same in both systems.

Once your users are linked, Atlassian Cloud will keep your users' details up-to-date by synchronising the account's details from G Suite each time the user logs in. If the user's information is manually overridden in Atlassian Cloud, the link is essentially broken, and Atlassian Cloud will not update the user's information from G Suite again. 

Atlassian Cloud username
G Suite username
Email address
FirstLast FirstLast (tick) User accounts will be merged
FirstMiddleLast FirstLast (error) User accounts can't be merged FirstLast (error) User accounts can't be merged

Convert G Suite users to external users

Before you start, note the groups that the user is assigned to. You can do this by selecting 

 >  User management
 s elect the user and then write down the groups listed under the  Groups  column.

  1. In your Google domain, delete the user. The next time G Suite is synced with Atlassian Cloud, the user will be removed from the user base.
  2. Manually re-enable the user as an external user by re-assigning the user to the groups from which the user account was removed. To do this: 
    1. In Atlassian Cloud, go to 
       >  User management
       > Users
    2. Select the user by clicking their username
    3. Select Add group
    4. Search for and select the groups you want to add the user to
    5. Select Add group
  3. Select Edit to update the user's email address in Atlassian Cloud to change it from your Google domain
    (info) As it's impossible for Atlassian Cloud to retrieve a user's Google password, you'll need to either reset their password via the admin console or have them reset it when logging in by clicking Unable to access your account?

Delete G Suite users

Use the G Suite domain administration pages to delete users. The next time G Suite syncs with your site, the user's access will be revoked.

If you want to revoke the user's access immediately, remove the user's application access and group memberships in your Atlassian Cloud site after deleting the user from G Suite.

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