February 2012

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This month:

Access administration menus faster; GreenHopper and Bonfire upgrades; Share issues, Mention users on issues; Create and edit issues rapidly; Search for issues based on their history; Commit commands changes; Improved FishEye and Crucible search; Repo commit graph; JIRA transitions in Crucible; and more.


20 February 2012

Accessing administration menus faster

Type 'g' + 'g' from anywhere in your Atlassian OnDemand site to bring up the Administration Search box and start typing the name of the administration menus you want to work with.

Please be aware of the following limitations:

  • You cannot search for FishEye and Crucible menus at the moment.
  • If you use Internet Explorer 9, this functionality does not work when you are in the Builds (Bamboo) application. You can bring up the search box, but searching does not work.

Screenshot 1: Searching for permission

Screenshot 2: Searching for 'import'

GreenHopper upgrade

Bonfire upgrade

Bonfire has been upgraded from version 1.8 to 1.9. Please use the following link to view the features included by this release: Bonfire 1.9 Release Notes.

New JIRA OnDemand features

Sharing issues

Have you been sharing pages in Confluence with the Share button? Now you can share JIRA issues with other people in the same way.

When viewing an issue on the 'view issue' page or a search result on the issue navigator, type s or click the Share button at the top-right, and specify OnDemand users or any email address of people you want to share the issues with. Recipients will receive an email with the link to the issue or a search result, depending on what you shared.

Mentioning users

Also similar to how it works in Confluence, when you mention other users' names by typing '@' first, the mentioned users will receive email notifications about the issue automatically. 

To do this, type '@' in an issue's Description or Comment field, then start typing the user's name, and then select the user from the suggested list of users. An email will be automatically sent to the mentioned users.

Creating and editing issues rapidly

Working with issues is now faster than before. Specifically, you'll see these changes:

  • Creating and editing issues is now performed in a dialog box rather than a separate form. Therefore, your pages are not reloaded any more when you start creating or editing an issue or sub-task.
  • Customize what fields you want to see
    You can customize the Create Issue/Edit Issue dialog boxes to display only the fields you use most often. To do this, click the Configure Fields button and remove or add fields as you wish. Your settings are saved for future usage automatically.
  • Creating a series of issues with similar options
    If you want to create multiple issues with similar field values, use the Create another check box before clicking the Create button. JIRA will then create your issue and automatically pre-populate a new Create Issue dialog box with your previous field values. The Summary field and attachments are not carried across.

Tip:  The keyboard shortcut for creating issues is 'c' and that for editing issues is 'e'.

Searching for issues based on their history

'CHANGED' operator introduced

You can use the CHANGED operator to search for issues with specific field changes. This operator accepts the optional predicates FROM, TO, ON, DURING, BEFORE, AFTER and BY, and can be used on the Status, Assignee, Priority, Reporter, Resolution and Fix Version fields.

For example,the following query:

project = JIRA AND fixVersion changed TO "5.0"

shows all the issues logged against the JIRA project, whose Fix Version field was changed to "5.0". You can see it in real use via this link.

The following example is a more complex JQL query. It will find any issues whose Status field value was at some point "In QA Review" but changed to "QA Rejected", by user freddo between the start and end of the current week.

status changed FROM "In QA Review" TO "QA Rejected" BY freddo AFTER startOfWeek() BEFORE endOfWeek()
'WAS' operator enhanced

You can now use the WAS operator to work with the Fix Version field. For example, the following JQL query:

fixVersion WAS 4.4

Will find any issues whose Fix Version field was at some point (or currently is) set to 4.4.

6 February 2012

New FishEye and Crucible features

FishEye OnDemand has been upgraded with a number of new features. These include:

  • Commit commands have changed. Workflow mappings for custom transitions do not have to be defined anymore as FishEye will match the transition name automatically. You can now create reviews via commit comments as well.
    For important information about the changes to commit commands, please see Changes to Commit Commands.
  • Improved FishEye/Crucible quick search with pattern matches against CamelCase strings for files and directories, and an improved look and feel.
  • Repository commit graph. A visualization tool for your repository.
  • Redesigned HTML emails.
  • Dashboard and navigation improvements.
  • A number of small improvements including syntax highlighting for Java 7, Groovy, Velocity and Scala, and HEAD label in revisions page only appearing for the currently selected branch (or default branch if All is selected).

Crucible OnDemand has also been upgraded with a number of new features. These include:

  • JIRA transitions in Crucible. Transition a JIRA issue through its workflow when closing a review. 
  • FishEye/Crucible quick search now finds review data. 
  • HTML emails for reviews.
  • Review reminder emails.
  • Dashboard and navigation improvements.
  • Review creation without metadata changes.
  • Improved patch anchoring.
  • A number of small improvements including syntax highlighting for Java 7, Groovy, Velocity and Scala, and issue dialogs that appear when hovering over an issue key in a review.

For further details, see February 2012 - FishEye Crucible 2.7 upgrade notes .

Here are a few sample screenshots (click to see full-size images).

Improved quick search:

JIRA transitions in Crucible:

Review reminders:




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