Get started with Atlassian cloud products

To start using Atlassian’s cloud products, you can easily set up a site and add users to your Jira products and Confluence. Atlassian offers a seven day unrestricted free trial for all Jira Cloud products and Confluence Cloud.

Follow the steps on this page to get started.

Step 1. Create a site

A site contains a single instance of each product you're using, which may include Confluence and each Jira product (Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Jira Core).

You can create a site by starting a trial for one or more Atlassian cloud products:

  1. Go to

  2. From one of the Jira products or Confluence, click Try cloud.

  3. Depending on what you selected, you may get to choose from a few starting products for your site. Click Try it free for one of the options.

  4. From Your site, enter a name for your site. This name will be part of the URL that you and your users will go to when logging in.

  5. From Email, enter your email address. If you already have an Atlassian account with that email address, we’ll log you in to the site with that account. Otherwise, we’ll walk you through creating an account.

That's it! It'll take a few minutes to build your site and products – we'll email you when it's ready.

To log in to your site, go to https://<site_name>, where <site-name> is the name you chose when signing up.

Step 2. Add other products

Once you’ve got a site, you can add additional products at anytime. You’ll get 30 days for free until we start billing you for them.

To add another product to your site:

  1. Click  to switch to Administration. You can also find the site administration at

  2. Click Discover applications.

  3. From the product you want to add, click Free trial.

  4. You’ll get a confirmation dialog that says you’ll have 30 days to try out the product. Click Confirm.

Visit to learn more about our wide range of cloud products.

Step 3. Add credit card details

When you’re ready to start making payments, add credit card details to your account for your site. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

For more details about how you’re billed for a site, see Manage your bill for Atlassian products.

Step 4. Add site and product admins

As the creator of your site, you’re automatically a site admin. As a site admin, you can invite users to your site, grant users product access, and make other users product and site admins. You can also give users the Trusted permission, allowing them the ability to add products and invite users to your site.

You give other users admin permissions by adding them to groups. By default, each site comes with a site-admins group and each product comes with an admins group. The product admins group gets a name of <product_name>-administrators, for example jira-administorsconfluence-administrators, etc.

To give other users admin permissions:

  1. Invite users. When you invite a user, you can immediately give them access or one or multiple products.

  2. Make users admins by adding them to the appropriate admin groups.

Users in the site-admin group automatically become site admins, and users in the product admin groups become product admins.

What’s next?

At this point, you have a site that contains a single instance of each product you're using. You also have site admins to grant access to users and product admins to administer each product. To implement these products into your teams, start inviting more users.

If you already have an external directory of existing users, integrate the directory with your Atlassian platform so that your team can log in with the same credentials they use to log in to other systems:

In addition to administering users and their product access for your site, you have the ability to control your organization's user accounts and enforce the security policies you choose. Learn more at Atlassian organizations.

Last modified on Dec 3, 2020

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