Import users and groups

A small percentage of Atlassian Cloud sites can no longer import users and groups. In the future, we'll no longer support this ability for all Atlassian Cloud sites.

If you have a list of users and groups that you'd like to bulk import to your Atlassian Cloud site, you can provide the Support Team with user and group CSV files. 

Create user and group CSV files

Refer to the Crowd CSV Import page for examples of the appropriate CSV format. There are some JIRA applications and Confluence-specific groups to be aware of when creating your files:

  • Users must be in the users group in order to log in (by default).
  • If you'd like to specify application access, subject to your license and each application's global permissions, you can include the following group memberships in the CSV file:
    • jira-users (for JIRA applications access)
    • confluence-users (for Confluence access)

Make sure that CSV files are encoded in UTF-8 (Unicode) to ensure compatibility for user data containing special or accented characters.

Generate CSV files with PostgreSQL

If you're trying to migrate a large instance with many users (from Server to Cloud, for example), you may want to generate the CSV data automatically. If you're using Postgres as your JIRA application or Confluence database, you can generate the required CSV files with the following queries.

Note that this process assumes you don't have any external directories configured. If you do, you may need to further refine these queries.

  Queries to generate CSV files...
\copy (SELECT user_name AS "Username", first_name AS "First Name", last_name AS "Last Name", email_address AS "Email Address", credential AS "Password" FROM cwd_user) to '/tmp/users.csv' csv header
-- From JIRA
\copy (SELECT DISTINCT child_name AS "Username", parent_name AS "Groupname" FROM cwd_membership) to '/tmp/group_memberships.csv' csv header

-- From Confluence
\copy (SELECT DISTINCT u.lower_user_name as "Username", g.group_name AS "Groupname" FROM cwd_membership m join cwd_user u on m.child_user_id = join cwd_group g on m.parent_id = to '/tmp/group_memberships.csv' csv header

These two queries will generate a users.csv and group_memberships.csv file in the /tmp directory, which can be sent to Support. Check out Postgres's COPY command for more information.

Raise a support request

Raise a support request and attach your CSV files, so a member of our Support Team can help import users and groups to your Atlassian Cloud site. 

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