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Integrating Atlassian Cloud with G Suite

If you've got an existing G Suite user directory, you can integrate G Suite with your Atlassian Cloud site. Once they're connected, you'll have the convenience of using G Suite to manage your Atlassian Cloud users. You can also save setup time by using group-based syncing to import your G Suite user directory and automatically keep their details up to date.

We're currently changing the way we sync G Suite users on Atlassian sites by introducing group-based syncing. If you recently set up your G Suite integration, you're good to go. If it's been a while since you set up your integration, you might be asked to re-connect G Suite. 

Until our changes are complete (we'll remove this message when they're done), we might not support multiple separate domains, sub-domains, or domain aliases in G Suite, and if your G Suite account is associated with multiple domains, only users from the primary domain will be synced to Atlassian Cloud. Users can log in with email addresses on your primary domain only.

Enable Atlassian account

Before you continue, we highly recommend enabling Atlassian account; our authentication system that lets users log in to all Atlassian Cloud products with a single account and password. If you don't have Atlassian account enabled, managing your G Suite users is a lot harder, and you might get some unexpected behaviour from your G Suite integration.

Check out  Introducing Atlassian account for more information.

To enable Atlassian account:

  1. Select  > User management.
  2. In the left-hand menu, select Atlassian account.
  3. Select Enable Atlassian account.

What is group-based syncing?

With group-based syncing, you can use groups in G Suite to manage user access to Atlassian Cloud. This means you'll have control over who can and cannot access your Atlassian Cloud site. 

Here's how it works:

  • Once you've connected your Atlassian Cloud site with G Suite, you'll be able to select the user groups you want to sync from G Suite.
  • Every 4 hours, we'll run a sync from G Suite to Atlassian Cloud. The users in these groups will gain access to your Atlassian Cloud site.
  • You'll update your users' details in G Suite, like their name and email address. When we run our sync every 4 hours, we'll update your users in Atlassian Cloud to reflect any updates you've made.

Note: When your site starts using group-based syncing, any G Suite users who already had Atlassian Cloud access will keep their access, even if they're not in a synced group. However, you'll need to add them to a synced group if you want us to automatically keep their details up-to-date in Atlassian Cloud.

For more information about group-based syncing, check out our  G Suite FAQs.

Where do I go next?

Since we're still in the middle of introducing group-based syncing, some of our G Suite documentation won't apply to your Atlassian Cloud site. To find out which of our documentation is most relevant to you, take a few minutes to follow these steps:

  1. Go to 
     >  User management
  2. Select G Suite in the sidebar.
  3. Check if your G Suite screen looks like this:

If you haven't yet set up G Suite integration, your site will have group-based syncing once you set up the G Suite integration. Check out Enable or disable G Suite integration for details.

If your G Suite screen looks like the screenshot above, your site is using group-based syncing. Check out Manage users with group-based syncing.

If your G Suite screen doesn't look like the screenshot above, your site isn't using group-based syncing. Check out Manage users without group-based syncing. Alternatively, you can gain group-based syncing by disconnecting and reconnecting your G Suite integration. Check out Enable or disable G Suite integration for more information.

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