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If you have more than one product in your site, you can access each of them using the Switch to... menu  in the global sidebar. If you don't have any products linked, or only use a single Atlassian cloud product, the Switch to... icon will appear only for administrators; after you set up links, the icon will automatically be visible to all users.

If you also host Atlassian server products on your own server, you can link them to your cloud site for added functionality and convenience.

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You can add custom links in the Switch to... menu to make it easier for users to navigate to frequently used information with fewer clicks. You can also customize the links that appear and restrict certain links to specific users and/or groups.

Add links to the application navigator

  1. Choose  > Configure.
  2. Create links by entering a name and the URL on the page. The links will appear across all cloud products after a few minutes. 
  3. Optionally, enter team names to the Restricted to Groups field to restrict usage of the link.

(info) When you make a link visible for a specific group, the link visibility is only set up in the product where you are configuring the link. For example, if you change the visibility in the Jira administration screen and you also want it to be visible to the same users in Confluence, you must make the same changes in the Confluence administration settings.

To modify links that were created and are managed in other products (for example, in a different Jira product), click Configure to edit the link in that product. You cannot delete links to linked products.

Last modified on Nov 9, 2019

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