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21 January 2013

Administration page updates

Now, instead of accessing the administration pages for each of your applications from JIRA, you can go directly to the administration pages from within any application by clicking the cog icon () in the header. The tabs have been removed from JIRA since you admimister each application without leaving it.

New admin options available from cog menu

We've also redesigned the administration pages of each application to make them easier to navigate. For detailed descriptions of how each application's administration screen has changed, see Administration Changes FAQ.

Global Users added to cog menu

We've made it easier to access the user management page from all the applications in your instance. Now, when you click the cog icon () from any application, you can select Global Users to immediately go to the Users administration page.

Global Users option in the cog menu

If you use Google apps to manage your users, you can access the Google Management properties in the Users section of the administration console.

JIRA OnDemand upgrade

(info) For customers migrating to downloadable JIRA: JIRA OnDemand is running JIRA 6.0-OD-05 this week. You will need to migrate to JIRA 5.2.5. Download JIRA here (latest version) or here (downloads archive).
Note, if you exported your data prior to 21 January 2013, you must use an earlier version of downloadable JIRA — see the version matrix.

Issue navigator improvements

Stable search

Now, when you search, your search results remain constant until you choose to refresh them. This provides you with a stable set of search results that you can work from when triaging issues. And, since your search results don't change as you are making changes to the list, you maintain the original list you started with. To assist you, we provide notifications at the top of the search results that let you know how recent your search results are.

(info) We are in the early stages of testing this feature, you can help by providing us with feedback. We'd like to know what works and what doesn't. Does this feature help when you are working with a large number of issues? How could it be better? To provide feedback, click Give Feedback at the top right of your JIRA screen.

A faster view issue experience

In this release, we've streamlined the interaction with the View Issue screen and removed page loads to speed things up. We've also made additional performance improvements that make navigation between issues much faster. This makes going from stable search to viewing an issue and back again much faster. We will continue to improve performance for searching and viewing issues during JIRA 6.0.

Workflow improvements

Global workflow schemes

Now you can edit an active workflow scheme on a project: a draft is created, and the migration is handled through the normal migration process. The following functionality is available:

  • Add existing workflows
  • Remove workflows from scheme
  • Reassign issue types between workflows in the scheme
  • Publish draft
  • Discard draft

In addition to this, workflow schemes can be edited even if they are associated with more than one project.


Workflow sharing

The new Workflow Sharing feature allows you to share your team's workflow with other teams in your organization on different JIRA instances, or external parties in other organizations via the Atlassian Marketplace. This feature allows you to easily share and use workflows that other people have published, or to move a workflow from staging to production in your own organization.

If you wish to share your JIRA Workflow with another instance of JIRA or upload it to the Atlassian Marketplace, you first need to download it as a bundle. To do this, go to the JIRA Administration screen, where you will be presented with the option to Download as... > Workflow Bundle. You will see this screen:


Auto look and feel

You can now create a new look and feel for your JIRA instance based on your company's logo. We've included the ability for you to automatically update your color scheme when you upload your company logo (shown below).

If you don't want to accept the change, simply click Undo in the displayed message.

Get started faster

Faster JIRA setup with the new administration gadget

We're in the process of redesigning the JIRA default dashboard to help new administrators and users of JIRA get started faster. In this milestone, we've overhauled the administration gadget, which is displayed on the default dashboard for JIRA administrators.

The new administration gadget now displays a handy checklist of common tasks. Click on any task and you'll be taken to the relevant administration screen to complete it. The gadget also provides other helpful information for new administrators, such as links to the JIRA administrator documentation.


Bonfire upgrade

Bonfire has been upgraded from 2.6.0 to 2.6.1:

Tempo upgrade

Tempo has been upgraded from 7.3.3 to

Balsamiq upgrade

Balsamiq for JIRA has been upgraded to 2.2.2:

Timesheet upgrade

Timesheet has been upgraded to 2.3.8:

Confluence OnDemand upgrade

Export blog posts to PDF

You can now export individual blog posts to PDF, resolving this popular feature request: CONF-5599 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Simply navigate to the desired blog post and click Tools > Export to PDF.

Team Calendars upgrade

Team Calendars has been upgraded to 3.0. Find out what's new on the Team Calendars 3.0 Release Notes.



Last modified on May 27, 2016

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