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After you verify a domain, all the Atlassian accounts with email addresses from that domain become managed accounts. As an organization admin, you can edit the details of a managed account.

When the domain of a user’s account isn’t verified, the user’s account is unmanaged. In that case, only the user can edit their own account details.

To make changes to a managed user account:

From your organization at, select Directory > Managed accounts. Next to an individual account, click Show details to open the managed account’s page.

To edit the user’s name, job title, department, or location:

You may need to click Show more details to see all fields. From a field, click its value. If the field has no value, you can still edit by clicking Click to enter value. After you enter a value, click the checkmark to save.

To edit the account's email address:

From the Email address field, enter the updated email address and click the checkmark.

We’ll email the user to verify the change. Until then, you’ll continue to manage this account with the original email address.

If the email address has a domain you haven’t verified, we’ll remove this account from your organization. Any Atlassian Access security policies will no longer apply after the user verifies the change.

To change the user's profile picture:

From Profile Picture, hover over the photo and select Change profile photo. You can either drag and drop or upload the photo. Click Save when you're done.

To manage product access:

Each user’s managed account lists all the products they can access in the Product access table. From the dropdown in the product row, select Manage product access to open the user’s page in the site’s administration. From there, you can remove product access, update access for other products associated with the site, or take other actions related to the user.

To exclude the user from logging in with two-step verification:

If your organization enforces two-step verification, you can temporarily exclude a user from being required to log in with a second step. From Two-step verification under Security, click Exclude from two-step verification. To learn more about what happens when you exclude users, see Temporarily exclude users from two-step verification.

To require the user to reset their password:

Select Reset password from the top right.

To revoke API tokens the user created:

From the API tokens list, you can see a list of API tokens the user created. Users can create API tokens to perform authenticated operations with product APIs. To learn more about how users create and use their own API tokens, see API tokens.

With an Atlassian Access subscription, you can revoke a user’s API tokens. From the API tokens list, click Revoke next to each token.

To delete or deactivate an account:

Select Deactivate account or Delete account from the top right. To learn more, see Deactivate a managed account or Delete a managed account.

Last modified on Jul 1, 2020

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