Manage users with group-based syncing

What is group-based syncing?

With group-based syncing, you can use groups in G Suite to manage user access to Atlassian Cloud. This means you'll have control over who can and cannot access your Atlassian Cloud site. 

Here's how it works:

  • Once you've connected your Atlassian Cloud site with G Suite, you'll be able to select the user groups you want to sync from G Suite.
  • Every 4 hours, we'll run a sync from G Suite to Atlassian Cloud. The users in these groups will gain access to your Atlassian Cloud site.
  • You'll update your users' details in G Suite, like their name and email address. When we run our sync every 4 hours, we'll update your users in Atlassian Cloud to reflect any updates you've made.

Note: When your site starts using group-based syncing, any G Suite users who already had Atlassian Cloud access will keep their access, even if they're not in a synced group. However, you'll need to add them to a synced group if you want us to automatically keep their details up-to-date in Atlassian Cloud.

For more information about group-based syncing, check out our  G Suite FAQs.

Is my site using group-based syncing?

You'll have group-based syncing if you've recently connected your Atlassian Cloud site to G Suite. To find out if your site has group-based syncing enabled:
  1. Go to 
     >  User management
  2. Select G Suite in the sidebar.
  3. Check if your G Suite screen looks like this:

If it does, your Atlassian Cloud site is using  group-based syncing, and you're on the right page.

If you don't have group-based syncing enabled, check out  Manage users without group-based syncing  for information on managing users without group-based syncing.

Alternatively, you can disconnect and then reconnect your G Suite integration to gain group-based syncing. Check out  Enable or disable G Suite integration  for more details.

Managing G Suite users

Creating users

When a sync is performed, all users who belong to a group that is synced will be provisioned in Atlassian Cloud with the default application access.

To select or deselect your synced groups:

  1. Select 
     >  User management
  2. Select G Suite.
  3. Click on View and edit selection. 

You can also allow users to sign up to your site themselves - Check out Enable self sign up for more info. However, users who are created through this method will be added as external users, and won't be part of the sync every 4 hours.

Deleting users

If you'd like to revoke a G Suite user's access to Atlassian Cloud, you'll need to remove them from the group that is synced. When the next sync runs, that user will be removed from the Atlassian Cloud site's user base and will no longer have Atlassian Cloud access. 

Note: Removing a user from a synced G Suite group will permanently delete that user in Atlassian Cloud. 

Reconciling existing users

Existing site users who appear in the groups that you've selected to sync will be linked to their G Suite account the first time the sync runs, based on their primary email address. That is, if you have a user in your Atlassian Cloud site who also belongs to the group(s) that you've chosen to sync, their accounts will be linked.

Once your users are linked, Atlassian Cloud will keep your users' details up-to-date by synchronising the account's details from G Suite every 4 hours. 

Managing Atlassian Cloud users

You can still create and manage non-G Suite users in Atlassian Cloud - you might choose to create non-G Suite accounts for external contractors, for example. However, Atlassian Cloud users still count toward your user license limit, just like G Suite users. This means that any users you create may increase your bill.

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