Manage your bill for Atlassian products

Your company is billed for products based on your product plans and the number of users with product access at the end of your billing cycle. You manage your bills for Confluence and Jira products from your site’s Administration at

Products with an Enterprise plan are billed at the organization level, which means you won’t find them in your site bill like you will for Standard and Premium plans. To learn how we bill for Enterprise products, see Manage your bill for Enterprise products.

To access your billing information:

From your site’s Administration, go to Billing under Subscriptions & Billing. From the Billing pages, you’ll see your bill estimate based on current usage, the dates of your next billing period, and your product trials and subscriptions.

To view your product plan:

From your site’s Administration, go to Billing > Bill estimate. To change your product plan, see Product plans (link below).

To view your billing history:

From your site’s Administration, go to Billing > Billing history. From there, select Download to open an individual bill. You can also view your billing history from

To add or update your billing details:

Add your billing details to your site to start making payments. If you're already paying, you can always update your billing address and the credit card you're using for payment. From your site’s Administration, go to Billing > Billing details. After making your updates, select Save.

Billing contacts

Three days before the end of your billing cycle, the billing contacts listed on receive an email with a preview of your bill.

To update the billing contact:

  1. From your site’s Administration, go to Billing > Billing details.

  2. Under Billing contact, click Make me a billing contact.

When you update billing contact, the previous billing contact will no longer receive billing invoices. See also How do I update the Contacts for my Atlassian products?

Product plans

We offer Free, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans for Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence. Only Free and Standard plans are available for Jira Core. For details about each plan, see Jira Cloud plans and Confluence Cloud plans.

To change your product plan:

  1. From your site’s Administration, go to Billing > Manage subscriptions. You’ll see the plan for each product under its subscription details.

  2. Select Change next to the product’s plan.

  3. From the Select plan page, select the plan you want.

  4. After you agree to the Atlassian Cloud Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click Confirm plan change.

To change to or from an Enterprise plan, fill out our contact form and someone from our team will reach out.

You’re unable to change to a Free plan if:

  • You make annual paymentsContact us to switch to monthly payments so that you can change to Free.

  • More than 10 users have access to the product with the planRemove product access from users until you’re down to 10 before you can change to Free. If you aren’t sure how many users have access to the product, you can see a user count for each product on the Manage subscriptions page.

Monthly and annual payments

We offer the option of monthly or annual payments for your bill. The Billing details page lists whether your current payment type is annual or monthly and includes an option for switching.

You’re unable to switch payment plans from the Billing details page and need to contact us to request the change if:

  • You want to switch from annual to monthly payments.
  • You want to switch from monthly to annuals payments and only have Free plans.

To switch to an annual payment type for your bill:

  1. From your site’s Administration, go to Billing > Billing details.

  2. Under Billing period, select Switch to annual payment.

  3. Review your billing details, and click Pay & switch to annual.

Your annual bill will start the last day of your current billing period. If you decide not to pay your bill right away and miss your first payment, you’ll continue to make monthly payments as if you didn’t make any changes.

If you have combination of products on Free plans and non-Free plans, we’ll walk you through changing your Free plans to Standard when you try to switch.

After you click Switch to annual payment, a dialog asks you to agree to change to a Standard plan. Click Change billing to continue.

Last modified on Nov 30, 2020

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