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This page only applies to managing users when you've integrated your Atlassian Cloud site with G Suite. Make sure you've connected your Atlassian Cloud site with G Suite by following the steps at Enable or disable G Suite integration.

If you haven't integrated with G Suite, see:

Create users

When a sync is performed, all users in a synced group will be provisioned in your Atlassian Cloud site with the default product access.

To select or deselect your synced groups:

  1. Go to  Site administration.
  2. Select G Suite.
  3. Click on View and edit selection.

You can also allow users to sign up to your site themselves – see Configure site access for more info. Note that users who are created this way will be added as external users, and won't be part of the sync every 4 hours.

Edit user details

You can update details of a user's account. See this Google documentation for details.

Remove user access

If you'd like to prevent a G Suite user from accessing your Atlassian Cloud site, you'll need to remove them from any groups that are syncing from G Suite to Atlassian. When the next sync runs, that user will be removed from your Atlassian Cloud site's user base. You also do a manual sync by going to  Site administration, choosing G Suite in the left-hand navigation, and clicking Sync now at the top-right corner of the screen.

Note: Removing a user account from a synced G Suite group removes access for that user from your Atlassian Cloud site. When this change is synced to Atlassian, the user will still have an Atlassian account but may not have a password to log in with if they use other Atlassian Cloud sites. To log in, they'll need to reset their password.

Reconcile existing users

If you have a user in your Atlassian Cloud site who also belongs to the group(s) that you've chosen to sync, their accounts will be linked based on their primary email address.

Once your users are linked, Atlassian Cloud will keep your users' details up-to-date by syncing the account's details from G Suite every 4 hours. 

Manage other Atlassian Cloud users

You can still create and manage non-G Suite users in your Atlassian Cloud site - for example, you might choose to create non-G Suite accounts for external contractors. However, Atlassian Cloud users still count toward your user license limit, just like G Suite users. This means that any users you create may increase your bill.

Last modified on Jun 13, 2018

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