March 2014

20 March 2014

JIRA AGILE Improvements to the Sprint field

The Sprint field now shows the sprint name, not the sprint ID. When editing the field, you can also search for a sprint by name and JIRA Agile will suggest matching sprints (with sprints from boards /issues that you've recently viewed shown first). 

The Sprint field is also enabled by default and displays on the create/edit/view issue screens (users may need to show the field on the 'Create Issue'/'Edit Issue' dialog via  Configure Fields). You won't have to mess around with your screen configurations to start using this field.

JIRA AGILE Epics now use bold colors

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the color change for epics that we introduced in a previous upgrade. We've taken it on board and in this release, epics now use a bold color scheme instead of the subtle colors previously used. Note, the colors are still based on the Atlassian Design Guidelines secondary color palette.

CONFLUENCE Change to the Cog menu

There has been a minor change to the cog menu in Confluence. To access Confluence Admin choose   >  Configuration. This will take you straight to the General Configuration page in the Confluence Administration console.  

If you want to administer users or add-ons there are now options in the cog menu to take you directly to those pages, no need to go to Confluence Admin first. 

CONFLUENCE Changes to the Page Properties and Page Properties Report macros

We have added an optional Page Properties ID parameter to both the Page Properties and Page Properties Report macros. This parameter can be used to identify a specific Page Properties macro, which is useful if you have multiple Page Properties macros on a page and want to be able to report on only some of them. See Page Properties Macro.

Important note: The Page Properties macro no longer automatically adds a label to your page. You will need to add the label (that you plan to specify in the Page Properties Report macro) to the page manually for your page to appear correctly in the report.

Find out how you can use these macros to extend what you can do in Confluence. See Create a blueprint-style report

CONFLUENCE Display a single JIRA issue in a table

You can now display single JIRA issues in a table using the JIRA Issues macro. The three formats available for a single issue are shown here.

CONFLUENCE Mentions improvements

The @mentions autocomplete dialog now recognizes usernames, partial names, and displays usernames to help distinguish between people with the same name.

CONFLUENCE Highlight text to create JIRA issues in projects with required fields

Recently we updated the JIRA Issues macro to allow creating issues in projects with required fields. These changes now also apply to the Highlight > Create JIRA Issue method of creating an issue from a Confluence page.

As with the JIRA Issues macro there are still some limitations, but we currently support:

  • required system fields (for example Fix Version and Component)
  • text based required custom fields (number field, text field (single line and multi-line) and URL field types only).

CONFLUENCE Some options in the Confluence Administration console have moved

We have made a small change to the Confluence Administration console to move some settings from the General Configuration page to a new Further Configuration page.  The functionality of these items have not changed. 

See the list of all items that have moved...

These settings can now be found under Confluence Admin > Further


  • Site Homepage
  • Threaded Comments
  •  TrackBack
  • Remote API (XML-RPC & SOAP)
  • Compress HTTP Responses
  • Open Search
  •  Quick Navigation


A new Confluence REST API is available to OnDemand customers. See Confluence API for more information. 

CONFLUENCE QUESTIONS Add a list of questions to any page

We've added a new Questions List macro to allow you to add a list of questions to a page. This is a great way encourage people in your organization to use questions, for example, if you use Confluence as your intranet you might include the 5 most popular questions with the topic 'human-resources' on the homepage of your HR space. 

CONFLUENCE QUESTIONS Allow anonymous users to view questions

If your Confluence site allows anonymous access, you can now choose to grant anonymous users permissions to view existing questions.  Users will need to log in to answer, vote or ask a question.

CONFLUENCE QUESTIONS Add people to a topic watchers list

If you have Confluence Administrator permissions you can now add and remove people from the watchers list for a topic.  Navigate to the topic then choose Edit beside the Watchers list. 

9 March 2014

End of support for Internet Explorer 8

Please note, as previously advised, Atlassian OnDemand no longer supports Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). This change allows us to dedicate resources to providing the best experience on modern browsers. For more information, please see Internet Explorer 8 End of Support.

JIRA Back up and recover indexes

You can now configure JIRA to take snapshots of indexes. If there is a failure, you can recover an index from a snapshot instead of rebuilding the index. Learn more...

JIRA Re-index individual projects

You can now re-index a single project, rather than re-indexing your entire JIRA instance. Learn more...

JIRA Inline editing can now be disabled

Inline editing, i.e. clicking to edit a field, can now be disabled for your JIRA site in the  General Configuration options . It is still enabled by default.


Last modified on May 27, 2016

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