October 2012

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Changes in this month:



22 October

Fixes this week



(Previous issue number: JST-6066)

Users are logged out of OnDemand

Due to an issue in Crowd (the user management component used by OnDemand), users are logged out from time to time. The cause of this problem is that the version of Crowd currently being used by OnDemand is sensitive to IP changes in certain situations, sometimes causing sessions to be invalidated. 


Clicking on 'Create Issue' from classic boards results in 500 error


JIRA date picker returning wrong format - not respecting configuration in General Configuration

HipChat plugin available for Bamboo 

The Hipchat plugin is bundled and available in Bamboo OnDemand.

With this plugin, you can get Bamboo notifications displayed in HipChat rooms for events such as build failures. For details, see Integrating Bamboo with HipChat.

Heroku plugin available for Bamboo

The Heroku plugin is bundled and available in Bamboo OnDemand. With this plugin, you can deploy WAR artifacts to your Heroku applications from Bamboo.

For details, check out the following documentation:

Important information for customers migrating from JIRA OnDemand to a JIRA installed site

If you are migrating from JIRA OnDemand to a JIRA installed site, the migration documentation currently instructs you to migrate to the "paired" version of installable JIRA (e.g. JIRA OnDemand 5.2m6 to JIRA 5.1.6). In this week's upgrade, this is not the case. The current JIRA OnDemand version will be shown as 5.2-m06-4, however you will need to import this into a JIRA 5.1.7 site, not a JIRA 5.1.6 site.

15 October

New visual design

We've been working on improving the interaction and visual design of Altassian products in the past few months and we're excited to release the first batch of changes on 15 October. As always, we are happy to hear your feedback, and if you are interested in seeing more functions being added, please let us know.

Here are some screenshots of the new design and a summary of the changes you will see. Along with the new user interface, we removed a few functions based on anonymous aggregate usage data. If you'd like removed functions being added back, our New Header FAQ page provides links to issues you can vote for.

New top-level navigation

The menu bar (that is, the header) has been redesigned. Instead of the multiple-level controls, the new design puts all the power in one easy-to-use place. Check out the before & after comparison:



Switching between applications within a project

To jump between applications within a project, just click the project avatar and you will see the links to the other applications. 

Screenshot: Go to Confluence and Bamboo from a JIRA issue

Screenshot: Go to JIRA and Bamboo from a Confluence page

See the new navigation in action:

Custom colors and logos

It is now possible to configure the colors for JIRA and Confluence independently using each application's administration console.

Logos and favicons

  • If your site runs multiple OnDemand applications, custom logos and favicons will be displayed in only JIRA.
  • Large logos cause the new menu bar to wrap into multiple rows. We recommend that your site use a logo no larger than 275 x 30 pixels.

New administration console

(Does not apply to JIRA-only OnDemand sites)

The administration console has been updated in this upgrade to improve the navigation. We've consolidated redundant links from the General tab (now User Management) to the JIRA tab, as well as taking advantage of the new header.



Where did my links go?

FunctionNew location in Administration console
ProjectsJIRA tab > Projects
Project CategoriesJIRA tab > Project Categories
Look and FeelJIRA tab > User Interface > Look and Feel
TabsJIRA tab > User Interface > Customize Application Navigator
(note, tabs have been replaced with application navigator)
Help and Support menu
JIRA ImportJIRA tab > Import & Export > JIRA Import

Custom tabs

The global custom tabs will be moved to the application navigator as shown in the following screenshot. You can easily configure what is displayed in the application navigator.

Project-specific tabs were a part of the old header and have been removed. Want it back? Please vote.

Search across multiple applications

The Search box at the top is now specific to the application you are working with, for example, if you are working in Confluence, the search results will be Confluence only. Want it back? Please vote.

History drop-down menu

The History drop-down menu has been removed. Want it back? Please vote.

Activity Bar removed for sites integrated with Google Apps

The Activity Bar has been removed. 

Getting Subversion dump files with the Backup Manager

The Backup Manager is now available for the integrated Subversion repository in OnDemand. With this functionality, you can get the Subversion dump file with one click.

To get dump files:

  1. In Atlassian OnDemand, log in as an administrator. At the top right of the screen, choose the  cog icon , and then choose <product> Admin for the product you are in (for example 'JIRA Admin').
  2. In the FishEye tab, choose Backup manager
  3. Click Create Subversion Dump.

JIRA OnDemand upgrade

JIRA OnDemand has been upgraded, as part of our ongoing commitment to regularly deliver new functionality to JIRA OnDemand. To check out the JIRA features we've added in previous weeks, see this page: JIRA 5.2.

This upgrade introduces a number of new improvements including the new issue navigator, new header and administration console changes (described above), and improvements to webhooks.

New issue navigator

We made it easier to create and edit issues with inline editing in JIRA 5.1 and the create/edit issue dialog in JIRA 5.0. In this upgrade, we're making it easier for you to find issues with a brand new issue navigator. Here's a summary of the features we've added so far:

  • New system filters — Easily filter for the most common views in JIRA: 'My Open Issues', 'Reported by Me', 'Recently Viewed' and 'All Issues'.
  • Favorite filters on the navigator — Quickly switch between views. Your favorite filters are now just a click away.
  • New search bar — Simply select the criteria you want in your search. Focus on the search criteria you care about and hide the rest.
  • Ad-hoc searches — Search and refine on the fly with immediate results.
  • Complex searches — Create and execute complex searches with ease. The new search UI makes this simple, regardless of the number of projects, custom fields, or your JIRA configuration.

The new issue navigator is a Labs feature in this upgrade and is not enabled for all customers yet (for more information about Labs features, see Labs Features in JIRA ). We would love to hear your feedback on this early preview. You can provide feedback via the Give Feedback link on the new issue navigator in your JIRA instance.

We'll be adding more features and improvements with each new upgrade. However, being a technology preview, the issue navigator is incomplete and will have bugs. For a list of known issues, please see this page: New Issue Search Known Issues.

Note: JQL history is no longer supported in the new issue navigator.

Extended webhooks functionality

In the previous upgrade, we added the functionality to constrain a webhook to fire for a set of issues and/or specific issue events. We've extended the webhooks functionality further to allow you to do the following:

  • Configure workflow post-functions to fire a webhook.
  • Use a variable in a webhook URL to substitute in the key of the issue that fired it.

GreenHopper upgrade

GreenHopper has been upgraded from 6.0.2 to 6.0.4. For details, please see GreenHopper OnDemand 2012-10-15.

Confluence OnDemand upgrade

Confluence OnDemand has been upgraded, as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver improved functionality regularly. We've made some very nice little improvements to your wiki!

In-page notifications about comments and edits

Let's say you are viewing a page, and someone adds a comment to that page, or updates the page. Wouldn't it be cool to know about the comment or the update immediately? Now you can! Confluence displays a popup notification near the bottom of the screen, like this:

Choose Show to see the comments, or Ignore to dismiss the notification.

Excerpt Include macro across spaces

The Excerpt Include macro can now include content from another space. When you type the name of the page into the Excerpt Include macro dialog, Confluence will offer a list of matching pages, including those from other spaces.


Alternatively, you can type the space key followed by a colon (:) and the page name, like this:

Ability to nest Expand macros

You can now put one Expand macro inside another, and Confluence will correctly show and hide the contents of all Expand macros, including the nested ones. Here is an example.

Click here to expand/collapse the text...

Choose the one you like.

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For cheese lovers...

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More macros in Confluence mobile

We have made a large number of macros compatible with Confluence mobile. This means that many more macros will now work as expected when you access a page on your iPhone or iPad.

The following macros work in Confluence mobile:

Team Calendars upgrade

Team Calendars has been upgraded to 2.5. Find out what's new on the Team Calendars 2.5 Release Notes.

8 October 2012

Establishing an OAuth relationship between JIRA OnDemand and Bitbucket

The Bitbucket and GitHub Connector (JIRA DVCS Connector) has been upgraded from 1.1 to 1.2. You can now establish an OAuth relationship between OnDemand and Bitbucket instead of using the old authentication method where you have to provide your Bitbucket password in OnDemand.



Last modified on May 27, 2016

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