Organization setup and settings

Atlassian organizations give you a high-level view into all users who can access your content and all products with that content. See Atlassian organizations for more details about the benefits of an organization and how it fits into the bigger picture among your sites and products.

To get ready to start using your organization to the fullest, you have some setup options:

  • Create an organization – If you don’t have an Atlassian organization yet. Learn how

  • Rename an organization – If you want your organization name to better reflect your company. Learn how

  • Transfer all products from one organization to another – If you have two organizations and you want to manage all users and products from one. Learn how

  • Verify you own your users' domains – If you’re ready to start managing your users. Learn how

  • Create an API key – To manage your organization via the Atlassian Admin APIs. Learn how

Last modified on May 3, 2019

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