Personal and managed Atlassian accounts

Until recently, all Atlassian accounts existed as personal accounts, managed by you. It might not seem that way because someone probably added you as a user and manages all the things you can access. However, you manage the account itself as an individual user when you have a personal account.

To give your organization more control over the security of your account, we've introduced a way for your administrator to claim your site's domain and manage your account. Your organization can ensure you have to conform to authentication policies, such as a password policy and (in the future) two-step verification. Once your organization claims your site's domain, your Atlassian account is now a managed account.

Here's what you do and don't have control over with a personal vs. a managed account.

Action Personal Managed
Change email (tick) (error)
Change name (tick) (tick)
Change profile picture (tick) (tick)
Delete account (tick) (error)
Access content (tick) (tick)

When you have a personal account, only you can update your account details, not your administrator. When you have a managed account, you need to contact your administrator to change your email address.

Administrators of managed accounts don't have direct access to personal content that you create. For example, an administrator won't be able to access personal chat history, posing as you.

However, because the administrator has the ability to deactivate your account, we recommend that you transition your existing personal content to another account.

To check whether you have a personal or managed account:

Log in to your site at If you see a message under your email address telling you that the name of your organization manages your account, then it is managed. If there's no note, you still have a personal account that you can manage yourself.

If you see the name of an organization that you're not a member of, contact Atlassian to resolve the issue. We can put you in touch with the administrator of the other site, and make sure that they are aware of your account.

To move personal content in Bitbucket for a managed account:

You probably want to keep your personal Bitbucket repositories separate from the account you use for work. Here's what we suggest to do:

  1. Create a new Atlassian account for your personal repositories.
  2. Add the user associated with your new account to your personal repositories and add that user to the Administrators group.
  3. Remove your organization's Atlassian account from your personal repositories.

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