Manage your bill for Atlassian Access

How are you billed for Atlassian Access? 

Atlassian Access uses a different billing model from other Atlassian cloud products. Atlassian Access is billed per organization. You will only pay once per each unique billable user in your organization, regardless of the number of Atlassian cloud products or sites they have access to. Only users who have access to a product supported by Atlassian Access will count towards your bill. 

Unique billable user

To be counted as a unique billable user for your Atlassian Access subscription, the user needs to have an enabled, managed account in your organization that also has access to at least one Atlassian Access-supported product. Read more about managed Atlassian accounts.

Atlassian Access currently supports these products: 

Atlassian Access supported productBillable users
Jira Core

Any managed account

Jira SoftwareAny managed account
Jira Service DeskOnly  agents  are billable
Portal customers are not billable
ConfluenceAny managed account
Bitbucket Any managed account
Trello Free and Trello Business

Any managed account

(info) Starting April 2020. For more details, see Manage accounts with Trello access.

Atlassian Access currently does not cover these products under its subscription:


Billable user pricing


Covered in Statuspage pricing


Covered in OpsGenie pricing

If a user does not have access to any Atlassian Access-supported product in the above table, or if they are Statuspage or OpsGenie users, they'll be excluded from your Atlassian Access bill.

For example, if a user's account is only used to access Statuspage or Atlassian Community, with no licence to access any products in the table above, they will not be a billable user for Atlassian Access. Note that an organization admin is still able to manage the user's account from the 'Managed accounts' screen.

For example:

  • If a user's account is only used to access Statuspage or Atlassian Community, with no license to access any products in the table above, they will not be a billable user for Atlassian Access. 
  • If your organization has 100 users in Jira and 50 users in Confluence, and all of the Jira users are Confluence users. For Atlassian Access billing, your organization will only be billed for 100 users. Your organization will continue to be billed for 100 Jira users and 50 Confluence users under product billing. 

The user will not count towards your Atlassian Access bill if you disable their Atlassian account in your organization at any point in the billing cycle. Note that disabling a user's Atlassian account will also prevent the user from using that account to raise technical support tickets, and accessing their account,, and other free services.

View the number of billable users

You can see the number of billable users in your organization by logging into and choosing your organization. Then go to Billing > Manage subscriptions. The number displayed below 'Users' is the total number of unique billable users in your organization.

Important dates

The date of your first bill will depend on when you subscribe to Atlassian Access.

If you are evaluating Atlassian Access 

New evaluators are entitled to a free 30 day evaluation period. If you decide to subscribe to Atlassian Access, your first bill is due at the end of the 30 day evaluation period.

If you were an Identity Manager Early Access Program customer 

Identity Manager Early Access customers get 60 days free to decide whether to continue paying for Atlassian Access. 

Pricing for Atlassian Access

With Atlassian Access you are only billed once per user regardless of the number of Atlassian cloud products or sites they have access to. Only users who has access to an Atlassian Access supported product (Jira Software, Jira Core, Jira Service Desk Agents, Confluence, Bitbucket and soon Trello) will count towards your bill. Atlassian Access offers monthly or annual payment options, depending on the needs of your organization. 

Progressive discounts are available as your organization increase in size.

When you give users access to Enterprise products, we don’t include those users in your Atlassian Access bill. To learn how we bill you for Enterprise products, see Manage your bill for Enterprise products.

Monthly pricing

For the monthly tier, Atlassian Access starts at $3 per user for the first 250 users. Users 251-1000 will be $2 per user and users 1,001 and above will be $1 per user. There is no Starter level, so whether you have 1 user or 10 users in your organization, the minimum price per month is $30.

At the end of your billing period, the credit card or Paypal account on file will be automatically charged based on the number of unique billable users within your organization. Each of your billing contacts will receive a purchase confirmation email and paid invoice.

User Count
Price per user
up to 250 users$3
251 to 1000 users$2
1001 +$1

Annual pricing

Annual pricing is offered as a one year upfront subscription to Atlassian Access. Annual subscriptions are tier-based and currently offer a discount equal to 2 free months on an annualized basis. If you wish to change your subscription to annual pricing, log in to and choose your organization. Then go to Billing > Billing details and click switch to annual. You can also purchase annual pricing directly by contacting Atlassian. 

Annual User Tier
1 – 10$300
11 –15$450
16 – 25$750
26 – 50$1,500
51 – 100$3,000
101 – 200$6,000
201 – 300$8,500
301 – 400$10,500
401 – 500$12,500
501 – 600$14,500
601 – 800$18,500
801 – 1,000$22,500
1,001 – 1,200$24,500
1,201 – 1,400$26,500
1,401 – 1,600$28,500
1,601 – 1,800$30,500
1,801 – 2,000$32,500
2,001 – 2,200$34,500

For additional tiers, see our pricing calculator.

Your Atlassian Access bill

Bill estimate

You can see your bill estimate and billable user count by logging in to and choosing your organization. Then go to Billing > Manage subscriptions

In addition, you can use the billing calculator to estimate your potential bill based on the number of billable users in your organization.

How to pay for Atlassian Access

Payment can be made by bank transfer, credit card, mailed check or Paypal. Further details on how to make payment to Atlassian can be found on the  How To Pay page.

To pay for Atlassian Access after subscribing: 

  1. From your organization at,
     go to Billing > Billing details.
  2. Click Update billing details to add credit card, billing address and billing contact details.
  3. Confirm your billing address and click Next.
  4. Chose your preferred payment method and click Next.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions and click Subscribe.

You'll be redirected back to the Billing details page once your subscription for Atlassian Access has been processed successfully. 

If you are paying for existing Atlassian cloud products and services, you still need to add your billing details for Atlassian Access in the billing section of your organization.

Manage your unique billable Atlassian Access users

There are two ways of managing the number of unique billable users in your organization. As Atlassian Access is billed when an enabled, managed account has access to a supported product, you can either deactivate or delete the user's account at the organization level, or work with your site admin to remove the user's product access in your sites. 

Disable a user's Atlassian account

As an organization admin, you can deactivate or delete a user's Atlassian account to remove their access to Atlassian products. 

To deactivate a user's Atlassian account, see Deactivate a managed account. To delete a user's Atlassian account, see Delete a managed account.

Note that:

  • Deactivating or deleting a user's account will also prevent the user from using that account to raise technical support tickets, and accessing their account,, and other free services.
  • Deactivated or deleted accounts do not count towards your Atlassian Access bill. 
  • You can always reactivate a user's account later. You can't recover an account once it's been deleted.

Remove a user's product access at the site level 

Site admins can manage user access for their Atlassian cloud products. Another way of managing the number of unique billable users in your organization is by collaborating with your site admins to remove product access for accounts at the site level. To remove a user account from a site, see Invite, edit and remove users.

Subscribe to Atlassian Access 

Subscribing to Atlassian Access

There are three steps to get started with Atlassian Access:

  1. Create an organization.
  2. Verify one or more domains.
  3. Subscribe to Atlassian Access.

See Atlassian Access security policies and features for more information about how to perform those steps.

Unsubscribe from Atlassian Access

As an organization admin, you can unsubscribe from an Atlassian Access trial or paid subscription. For instructions on how to unsubscribe see Unsubscribe from Atlassian Access.

When you unsubscribe from Atlassian Access:

  • There is no effect on your Atlassian cloud product subscriptions, which continue as previously. For information about cancelling your Atlassian cloud subscription see Cancel your site subscription.
  • If you resubscribe in the future, the price may be different from what you are paying today.

SAML single sign-on and two-step verification functionality will immediately end and your users will see the following changes:

  • Managed users won't log in using SAML single sign-on. Instead, they'll log in using their Atlassian account. Some users may need to set a new password for their Atlassian account.
  • Two-step verification will no longer be enforced, so managed users can choose to disable that for their Atlassian account at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions and other billing scenarios

How does Atlassian Access impact me if I am an existing Trello Enterprise customer? 

Any users you're paying for through Trello Enterprise won't appear on your Atlassian Access bill.

If you’ve verified the domain of these users from Trello Enterprise, they won't appear in your Manage accounts. If you haven’t verified the domain of these users, but you’re still paying for them to use Trello Enterprise, you’ll see them under your Managed accounts, but you won’t have to pay for them as part of your Access bill.

Will I pay for my Jira Service Desk users? 

Portal only customers will not be counted towards your Atlassian Access bill. If your portal only customers have an Atlassian account, any Atlassian Access features will be enabled for their account, however they'll not be a billable user for Atlassian Access unless they also have product access to another Atlassian Access supported product. Only Jira Service Desk agents will be counted towards your Atlassian Access bill.

I have Statuspage users, do I have to pay for their Access subscription?

The subscription cost for Atlassian Access is included in Statuspage pricing. If these users have access to Jira Software, Confluence, or Bitbucket, they will count toward each Access bill only once. Statuspage users on the Hobby plan can choose to pay for SAML single sign-on separately through Atlassian Access.

What's the best way for me to control my Atlassian Access bill? 

Disable any managed users who are inactive or who no longer need access to an Atlassian product. 

Where can I go see my bill estimate?

Log into and choose your organization. Then go to Billing > Manage subscriptions

Last modified on Oct 19, 2020

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